The Best of Times…

Posted: September 30, 2008 in Ramadan 2008, The 4 Imams


When I was in high school I read the book a “Tale of two cities”and I remember the saying of “It was the best of times, and the worst of times”. This saying is kind of a bit of how I feel today on this blessed day of Eid! (not worst..but sad). It was a wonderful month of Ramadan and truly I began to have such a feeling of sadness come over me a couple days back, because a part of me wanted this blessed month to continue and continue, but Alhamdulilah I was happy that it was Eid all around. A couple years back, I discovered that in Ramadan we truly become the best of people, meaning for many of us we take our ibadah and everything else in our lives up a notch during this month, and more so we come out having gained some wonderful habits. I ask Allah to keep me steadfast in my ibadah and make it a cause to draw near to Him and to earn His love.

What do Imam Abu Haneefa r.a and Imam Malik have in common? Many things, but to reflect on such an awesome lecture from the set “Under the shade of the scrolls”, these were two Imams who were righteous and whom Allah placed barakah in their teaching so much so that things and acts they did remained with the Ummah till this time. Imam Abu Haneefa, the first of the Imams had his mathab spread through out the world and left behind a legacy more than any other mathab. As for Imam Malik, the knowledge that Allah bestowed upon him was a reflection of his Muwatta (chain of command: Muwatta of Imam Malik), and till this day we hear of such a famous Muwatta because Allah placed barakah in his efforts. And thats the point! In anything we do, if it doesn’t have the blessing of Ar-Rahman then it is useless, and I ask Allah to place barakah in the things that we do, say, and act upon! More importantly we should pray and ask for Allah to place barakah in everything that we do…meaning we should pray for this specifically! A bit random, but I’ve been having such thoughts of these two Imams because I’ve been listening to these two CD’s over and over in my car. The points and topics mentioned in the lectures were in line with what as individuals were suppose to accomplish during the month of Ramadan and it was cool that Allah granted me the ability to listen to such a CD set on such an awesome month. I ask Allah to keep us strong for the upcoming years, and to grant us many more Ramadans! Ameen Ya Rubb.

All the best to all of you, and if for some reason or other I didn’t get to say salaams, visit, email any of you sisters reading this, I pray that Allah accepts our fast and grant us our duas which we’ve labored over a month (I say labored, as some of you know I love my dua list so much and had it glued to me..and hope that all of you keep your dua lists going and glued to you for the rest of year!), and lastly I ask Allah to keep our Iman strong as it has been for the past month! I ask Allah to reward the sister whom (I will not mention) who gave me such an unexpected and wonderful gift on this day. May Allah grant you crowns of light on that Day along with the gift of Jannah.

peace out! Eid Mubarak


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