Ramadan:Day 6, Now Day 9

Posted: September 9, 2008 in Ramadan 2008


Alhamdulilah its the 6th day of Ramadan! (now 9th, finishing off this post from 6th day)

Some amazing things have happened! Ashir is off the hook. I’ve gone back to my favorite recitor of last year, Salaah bin Bukhatir! Masha’Allah, he makes memorization easy.

Alhamdulilah, I listened to an amazing lecture for Ramadan. Below are my notes: Tread cautiously

How to have an outstanding Ramadan

~Allah says “Ya Ayahalltheena amanu kutaba 3alakuma siyamu kama kitiballatheena minqablikum lal3alkum tataqoon” “Oh you who believe..fasting has been prescribed for you as it has been prescribed for those who came before you, that perhaps you’ll achieve Taqwa”

~A man from a different religion school once said-“I know you didn’t eat/and are fasting-such a noble thing, too bad our* religion has changed it”

~ Verses starting from “Shahro Ramadan..”=Ramadan month of Quran is connected to two other verses-2nd having to fast certain time, in between Allah says “Wa itha salaka 3anee faeena gareeb, Ujeebo da3wata da3ee ithaaa da3an” If my slaves asks you concerning me, tell him that I am near, and if he calls upon me, I will answer”

~Allah says Ithaa da3aan-“I will answer the dua If he makes dua”

~ The power of our dua is so great during this month so much so that….
a.) Allah will give it to us
b.) Allah will replace what we’re asking for with something better
c.) Allah will keep harm away from us if what we’re asking for is not good for us.

Also, make Jannah #1 on your list as if Allah answers one of your duas He may likely give you everything on your list. (not part of lecture)

~ What does it cost to make dua?

~How much does it cost to make good intentions? (When you make intention to do something, Allah will reward you for it, if you do it you’ll receive 10 times the reward

~If everyone made the intentions-all of them were constant, Allah will grant them

~ Battle of Badr was during Ramadan, the companions said “Oh Allah if this army is destroyed, islam will be distroyed” Allah granted them success

~What is your goal for Ramadan?

~Sharul Id3am=month of feeding? yeah

~Sharul da3am=month of food? nope

~Ramadan=month of 3ibadah-yeah

~During Ramadan we find people who can control their anger, read quran-finish the whole of it, wake up for fajr, etc & then they say they cannot do all this after Ramadan?!

~Its a month of training

~We avoid the halal during this month, how about avoiding the haram afterwards?

~ Asking oneself what was the most memorable Ramadan ever and making it happen for yourself again.

~Your attachment to Taraweeh & ability to have full khusho during it is one way to attain a remarkable Ramadan.

~The imams schedule during Taraweeh a.) Reviews Quran after fajr b.) Afternoon=Reviewing in the afternoon c.) avoiding iftar parties and not filling himself

~Ramadan: Focus on feeding people, not eating

~You can’t eat too much during iftaar if you want to consentrate and remain ‘alive’ during taraweeh.


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