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Posted: August 19, 2008 in Ahh moments, Progress, Quran


“Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find content.” And indeed that is true, Subhana’Allah. For months now I’ve been thinking how many people have friends that remind them of the akhirah and who call them only to do khayr. It is thoughts like these that have made me wonder of those who don’t have friends or people who call them to khayr. Subhana’Allah, I think in a lot of ways our friends and the people who we surround ourselves with daily have such an impact on our lives that its so mind boggling. I am reminded of the Prophet s.a.w hadith speaking about the good friend and the bad friend.

“The likeness of a good friend and an evil friend, is the likeness of a perfume seller and a blacksmith.

As for the perfume seller, he may either bestow something on you, or you may purchase something from him, or you may benefit from his sweet smell.

And as for the blacksmith, he may either burn your clothes, or you may be exposed to his awful smell.”

(Bukhari and Muslim)

For many people in the college scene friends become family, and sometimes due to the hectic life style people live during these years they may not be exposed to good company. These years, I believe are the defining moments in our lives, wherein people find themselves…and some search for more meaning in life. It is thoughts like these that have made me think of the state of the msa this year. The msa as I’ve heard in many colleges is the place of khayr and great growth for individuals from overseas as well as home-grown in the states. This bustling social network is a place where many grow in their iman and in their lives in general. If this social network is some how rendered futile…its crappy, and many don’t rely on such a network. So anyway, with any network when it is found useless it has to be re-work, taweeked a bit, and made to be efficient again. I think this is a great endeavor as with the OSU sister’s circle-an outlet or an opening to many changes on campus, bithniAllah.

Anyway, yesterday while searching on youtube I came upon a recitation of surat ibrahim which led me to remember about what shaytaan said of the people in not being grateful. Subhana’Allah, shaytaan stated “and you’ll find most of them ungrateful” and Allah Azza Wa Jalla says in Surah Ibrahim “be grateful, and I will increase you in goodness” Rough translation.


Khalid Jaleel Surah Ibrahim (part 1)

New Qari, masha’Allah.

Quran: Fatir done, Alhamdulilah. Sabaa-looks awesome insha’Allah (Reminder: Must stop listening to HUD!). You only know a surah when you’ve read bits and bits of it for a week, and then you work super duper hard and can put all the pieces together from beginning to end. Eeek, Fatirs last two pgs are not well-oiled and must me reworked, insha’Allah.

Iman Highs: Alhamdulilah, this concept goes go back to the ayah in the beginning of the post in that when and only a person remembers Allah and works for His sake, then and only then one may find a sense of rest in the soul and heart. Subhana’Allah! May Allah, the most high, make us of those who’s hearts are connected to His pure faith. A while ago, about a year ago I listened to a lecture in which this statement was mentioned; “Al-Qalb Malikul A3da”-the heart is the king of the limbs, meaning that whatever is in the heart, soon the limbs and actions of the person will mirrior that which is in the heart. May Allah, the most merciful, purify our hearts for all time so that we may not be placed in that wretched place for cleansing.
[4] Purification (of the soul) cannot be achieved except by way of the messengers as stated by Ibn Al-Qayyim when he said: “Purifying the souls is harder and more difficult than curing the bodies. So whoever purifies his soul through exercise, hard work and being in isolation – all of which the messengers did not come with – he is like a sick person that tries to cure himself based on his own opinion. Where is his opinion with respect to the expertise of a doctor?! The messengers are the doctors of the hearts – there is no way to purify and rectify the hearts except through their way, at their hands and by totally submitting and complying with them. And we ask Allaah for His assistance!” [Madaarij-us-Saalikeen (2/300)]


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