Posted: August 14, 2008 in Imam Siraj Wahhaj


Below are some really funny, awesome, cool videos.

Death: “You complain, shut up”

Grateful (prayer): “Come on, where you going…you gotta get up”

Masha’Allah such an dynamic speaker. Subhana’Allah, imagine the words of shaytaan when he said “Wal Tajidoo Aktharhum Shakiroon” (you will find most of them ungrateful). And that is the tricks of the shaytaan…to make the people ungrateful…such a weired stage to be in, meaning that the individual will take things for granted, from the house they sleep in, for the food, the air, and everything Allah has given them. I think a lot times this may come about when we focus on what Allah hasn’t given us, and thus we begin to concentrate just on that and forget all the ni3ma that Allah has given us. Subhana’Allah, a reminder to myself first and foremost to always count my blessings. May Allah make us of those who thank Him much for the good and the bad.


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