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Posted: July 20, 2008 in Uncategorized


I had an interesting day which subhana’Allah deserves to be blogged about.I am not much an expert on motherhood first hand, though I’ve read extensively on child development for sometime now. Subhana’Allah, today F and I visited R’s cousin who had a baby girl at the osu hospital. She named her child nusaybah! Such a beautiful name and brings back so many memories of another nusaybah. Alhamdulilah. We sat around and asked a million and one question about labor pains etc. and subhana’Allah, the things a mother goes through for her child, its truly amazing…such unconditional love. I remembered my mom today, and I had such wonderful thoughts of her and of the many mothers out there who put up with their kids through the troublesome years. I am amazed of one story one sister gave of her own mother..she mentioned how she wanted to study at a madaras an hour away from home, and her mom wouldn’t let her, and subhana’Allah when it was time for her to go, the sister had to have her mom come and sign her into the school and on that day the mother left, after a while the mother came back and drove the sister to the school and signed her up. The mother was angry and didn’t even say goodbye. Since the madras was an a hour away the sisters had to sleep over, the daughters could only go back the first sunday of every month to visit their families, and so the sister went back the first sunday and her mom would still not talk to her, but subhana’Allah after a month or so the mother came to visit and told the daughter that she was happy that she decided to do this and made dua for her. Subhana’Allah, and the sister broke into tears. Its amazing, and this incident reminded so much of how I was one I was little and to some extent how I am today. Of my stubbornness and of my hard head. These incidents remind me of a little child who the mother took away their candy, and after a while gave it back, and the child just crying all over. It reminded me of my soccer days, and of many other things in life, that I got it just through being stubborn…and at times if didn’t get and kept asking for it, and still refused, and would completely renounce it.

Alhamduililah, it was a nice day today. A day of happiness where I could feel the laughter building up in my heart, causing tears to flow from eyes, and making my stomach hurt. I can’t remember the last time I felt such happiness, and I thank Allah for bestowing it upon me. I met up with sister S, and did her usual ashir with her. Subhana’Allah, I re-discovered the beauty of surah beyyinah today. Its a surah that Allah gives details of what happens to the disbelievers and the believers. He states where each is destined, and subhana’Allah of the believers He Azza Wa Jallah states “Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Him”. In such a surah like this when Allah speaks of the believers who always says they are those who do good deeds (3amil salaah). Allah always states “inallatheena amoona..” Oh you who believe…and follows it up with doing good deeds.


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