Stuff II

Posted: July 17, 2008 in Uncategorized


Alhamdulilah, it was a very productive day! Masha’Allah, I am really relieved right now. I worked on 3 of my projects today for hours, and will turn them in tomorrow. Tomorrow is the end of two of my first term classes and all the work put in today is for these classes. Alhamdulilah, I feel such a weight lifted off of me and now only have to focus on one class that ends by the time the Torch Bearer class comes around in sha’Allah. One of the classes, educational psychology was about one of the best class with the best instructor ever! Subhana’Allah, I felt like I was rollin with the big guys, i.e teachers. It was amazing the kind of discussions that occurred, topics, and the kind of readings/text book/and work assigned. Subhana’Allah. I learned so much this quarter of what it means to be a teacher, the obstacles faced by them, and the great rewards that come with it. I learned about how to manage my own time (yeah, that was one of the projects.. coming to class on time @ 8:30), I learned practical teaching tools for success, I learned about strength and staying firm in the face of adversity by watching others in action- (Documentary, “God grew tired of us”..the lost boys of sudan). All in all, I am grateful to have taken the opportunity to sign up for such an amazing class one morning. This class, changed the way I viewed about studying, work-ethics, and in general belief about working hard and staying firm in ones goals. I learned about many new theories and old alike.

I learned on the last day about the famous attribution theory-developed in the 80’s about our own success (strength/hard work put in) and our non-success which we tend view as out of our control. I learned of how when in generally we are successful we tend to say “I” was successful but when we don’t succeed we tend to use the excuse of others, ex. OSU winning, one replies “we won”, OSU losing, one says”they lost” All in all is the idea of holding ourselves accountable for our actions and taking charge of our futures and taking a stand for what we believe in-thats educational psychology I think in a nut-shell. One of the things we did in class, and we had to actually turn in was a daily journal. Every class, there was a new topic and a new discussion, which led to a reflection of ourselves and our take on different topics. All in all, I learned that when you want to something you work really hard to get it, and you don’t let anybody ever tell you that you can’t do it. You’ll have obstacles left and right, but at the end of the day it all matters about what you did about the situation and of how much effort you put in. In 5 weeks time, I accomplished so much with quran, halaqah, school work, and at that along side with other hardships. Subhana’Allah, May Allah keep me strong, stead fast in His pure religion, and enter me into Jannah without questioning.


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