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Its been a while since I posted. Alhamdulilah, I am so tired right now…sleepy. Its been one of those days, kinda of like a week before finals or a couple of days before start. That rush, that crappy feeling of I have lots to do but doing it in slow motion, and sometimes completely avoiding it till last minute. Yeah, its kind of like finals but don’t have finals but three papers/project like due on Thursday. Two of first term classes ending this week..whoopee, I am almost home free for Ramadan. Speaking of Ramadan and campus, R called today and said she’s won’t be continuing her masters program for Arabic and thus not hanging out with me on campus anymore. I love R a lot, masha’Allah. She is so kind and gentle when it comes to taking care of people, but Alhamdulilah she’ll be leaving campus for something better and full of khayr-taking her parents to hajj and being with them till next year. Masha’allah. She called me today out of the blue while I was mopping around and reminded me to come say my goodbyes to aunti Sh since they were moving to Cleveland today. Alhamdulilah, it was nice…I got see the little munckins since I didn’t see them for a while. Met their grandmother (Jedda) very intersting lady masha’Allah. Watch N cry because she realized aunti sh and baby b were going….subhana’Allah she reminded me of myself…. Alhamdulilah, we all cope in different ways.

As for quran progress…masha’Allah, I was smooth sailing last week, a very productive week last week it was..the quran, work, school–it was awesome. Last weeks halaqah rocked! Masha’Allah, there was so much to say, lots of discussions–the muslim character was too awesome indeed. Alhamdulilah, I am looking forward to this weeks–jannah talks!

Quran: Surah Fatir. Its such a beautiful Surah. I learned so many new ayahs with such beautiful reminders. One of them was of how when Allah gives you something of his mercy, it is yours and non can withhold it. Second was of how shaytaan beautifies peoples actions for them, to the extent they know no better. May Allah protect us from that.

In addition, of discovering such awesome ayahs I also set a goal to reach Surah Rum by Ramadan’s end.

Fatir 5 1/2 pages (Here now)

Saba 6 1/2 pages

Ahzaab 10 pages

Sajda 3 pages

Luqman 4 pages

Rum (want to get here)


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