Progress 5

Posted: June 12, 2008 in Progress


When Allah doesn’t give you what you want instantly it may mean:

1.) Allah is planning to give it to you in the future

2.) Allah is just testing your pateince so you can increase in it

3.) Allah is going to give it to you in Jannah (means you ain’t getting it this dunya, so don’t think twice abt it)

Yacob a.s, the father of Yusuf a.s was very sad upon hearing Yusuf a.s being lost as well as bayameen. Subhana’Allah, he was so sad and cried so much that he went blind, in addition to that he said he would only complain to Allah and no one else. Sometimes in life, we don’t get our ways. Indeed are the state of the mumin, as all hardships and issues is a sign that Allah loves them.

Played soccer today with a 9 year old again, a different one after work. We spent sometime playing around..back and forth. Fun, but wish some sisters played so I could actually have a challenge that isn’t two 9 year olds.

Seerah. Alhamdulilah. Its coming tomorrow. I am going to miss sleeping in.


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