Progress 4

Posted: June 11, 2008 in Progress


Subhana’Allah, it was a blessed day today. A couple weeks back I ended up memorizing the supplication for one who’s affairs have become difficult, and ever since then I’ve been reciting it in my sujuud and every chance I got. Its such an absolutely amazing thing indeed. The affairs of the Muslim are really amazing.

“Allahamu La Sahla Illa Ma Ja3alta Sahla Wa Anta Taj3alo Huzna Itha Shita Sahla”

‘Oh Allah, there is no ease except in that which You have made easy, and You make the difficulty, if You wish, easy.’

Some cool things that happened today are:

1.) Yusuf a.s story. Just amazing, and remarkable lessons that can be learned from his story. There is a lot that can be said about sibling rivalry, jealousy, and the love of a father for his children. Yacob (Jacob) a.s was the father of many sons, and out of his children he loved Yusuf a.s. and Benyameen (Benjamin) the most and so his others plotted against him. Ibn Katheer mentions in his book ” They discussed whether to kill him, or cast him away to land that he may never return from, so that they could get all the attention and love of their father” The father knew all about this and “he loved Yusuf because of his characteristic of nobility, dignified behavior which was apparent from his childhood, and he knew that Allah had chosen him to be his Prophet” Subhana’Allah I was thinking how ones level of righteousness could lead family members as well as others to love them, and of how sometimes depending on the hearts of the people and their own level of taqwa they are not given the way to love those of righteousness. May Allah protect and guide us to the straight path. I ended up reading Yusuf a.s. story all the way to the part in which he is given a special place in Egypt by the king of the land due to his ability to interpret dreams. I’d like to write more details..too tired.

2.) I recited my ashir without many mistakes, smoothed out my mistakes at work and recited it to F. today. In addition to doing this I did my first session of Hifdul Qur’an session with R. Alhamdulilah, It was amazing to work with R, as I like her a lot. We spent about an hour on the phone and at the end I had such an emanrush just doing this session for her. Subhana’Allah, I realized the bonds of friendship or for that matter any other type of bond would be made closer in the remembrance of Allah. I thought what better way to do this then reciting the speech of Allah in the company of heavenly agents, as indeed the angles of Allah are surely present in the recitation of such awesome speech.

3.) My duas. Are they being answered? Alhamdulilah, one sister said the other day how you’ll never be depressed if you are grateful to Allah and you remember and thank Him much. Subhana’Allah, I made my dua book my friend. I’ve learned new duas as well as began reciting random ones for morning, evening, as well as special ones to help me stay afloat in life. Its amazing what wonders dua’s will do for a person.

4.) Friends. Alhamdulilah. Its awesome. I’ve been off from school for a week and subhana’Allah I got a chance to be around some sisters more often then before. I’ve had some amazing talks with them about parents, school, marriage, and other topics. I’ve learned though we may not see eye to eye about many issues that still our bonds of friendship do exist. Alhamdulilah, its amazing what one year could do for people in understanding other peoples viewpoints. May Allah keep us strong and be steadfast in our faith.

Too sleepy, eyes shutting on me. Excited abt Seerah this weekend! Alhamdulilah


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