Posted: June 10, 2008 in Progress


Alhamdulilah. Patience period gone bye bye (over), but Alhamdulilah in comes the progress period. Finally got back into the swing of things with my ashir. Memorized fourth page of Yaseen…a Surah that has been dead for like a month and will recite with F. tomorrow. Below are couple things I got super happy & excited about.

1.) Picked up my husnil Muslim (The fortress of the Muslim) and read some dua’s..Alhamdulilah, its a good feeling to read dua’s. A couple weeks back F. taught me the dua that Prophet s.a.w. taught to Juweriah (one of his wives) due to her spending long hours reading duas in the morning and he s.a.w. basically taught her a dua to recite that would take the place of her reading all of the duas.

“Subhana’Allahu Wa Bihamdi 3adada qalqi wa ridaa nafsi Wa Zinataa 3arshi wa midada kalimati”

‘How perfect Allah is and I praise Him by the number of His creation and His pleasure, and by the weight of His throne, and the ink of His words”

and today while going through duas I found the supplication said for one you have insulted. Subhana’Allah I made some several insults…crap.

English translation: “Oh Allah, to any believer whom I have insulted, let that be cause to draw him near to You on the Day of Resurrection”

2.) Sent money to mom. She told me to pay off my car, send her some forgotten clothes, and money. So with all things mentioned above…just now need to pay car off. I love my parents. I had some conversation with J and several others sisters about parents and all the big plans they have for us, Oh Allah help us all. All in all I haven’t gotten my way but I am forever reminded of the video below.


3.) “Yusuf Ayaha Sideeq” Alhamdulilah, I started the story of Yusuf a.s story, and finally finished Musa a.s story. I had such amazing discussions with F. on the last chapters of Musa a.s story but sadly didn’t get to post with all things occuring all over. In sha’Allah might get to it soon get to them.

4.) Ashir..rockin somewhat..stuttering through memorization but so far so good all around. I got myself involved with sub3is (review sessions) with some sisters. God! I use to live up for such competitions but now so rusty that I fear I am gonna embarrase myself, and thus I have to work over time! whoopee.

Alhamdulialh, thats all for today.


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