Journey to patience (day 5)

Posted: May 22, 2008 in Journey to patience


Alhamduililah, my pain subsided today. Its been 5 days now since I’ve been racked with this pain, but Alhamduilah Allah granted me ease just when I was beginning to freak out. I have one final in the morning-I spent sometime looking through review packet. Eeek, I didn’t get a chance to read my two beloved books. Recently I’ve been reading the prophets stories by Ibn katheer and stories of great woman who were granted the glad tidings of paradise. Got in YQ lecture on day of Judgment..and absolutely discovered the beauty of Surah Hud (see below for Ghamadi’s recitation on parts of it), masha’Allah…and just as amazing is listening to Muhammed Jibreel recite it on my ipod. In YQ lecture on Judgment Day he talks about how the Prophet s.a.w. said surah hud, waqiyah, takweer (and the 4 th) which I forgot, turned his hair grey when it was revealed to him due to the descriptions of that day. Subhana’Allah. In the lecture he talks about how even the Muslims would feel as though they haven’t done enough, and would wish they had done enough in the dunya in order to help them on that. May Allah grant us the tawfeeq to accomplish all that we aim to do.

Masha’Allah, absolutely awesome. I was very productive in the morning. Yesterday, while I was at the park one of my friends was telling me how whenever you wake up in the morning sadaqah is due on all your body parts-all I think (360) parts of them, and so whenever you pray salatul duha all of your body parts pay sadaqah. Subhana’Allah, it made me think how I shouldn’t ever miss this awesome prayer, and its so cool because usually at the time of day duha is due, I am not busy with anything and just kinda waiting for duhr to come abt and pretty much the shaytaan usually takes advantage.

Looking forward to the weekend. Aunti dearest invited me for a sleepover as her hubby leaving. I get to stay there till sunday..yippie. Looking forward to the munckins. I wonder who will raise my roomieees for fajr? Maybe a malik (angle) will come and remind them to raise up…I hope sooooo. Signed up for classes today….wait a minute. Subhana’Allah, I just had an epiphany! Allah has answered my dua! Allah has granted me awesome company, I heart A for the sake of Allah.

1.) Caps(10) Alhamdulilah

2.) Ttest (10)

3.) Quran 3 Surahs ( 8 )

4.) Reading from the Prophets stories ibn Katheer (0)

5.)Lectures, at least one a day(10)

6.) Istigfar: asking for it 70 times a day or more (10)



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