Journey Day II

Posted: May 19, 2008 in Journey to patience


Alhamdulilah, its day two of the journey and I’ve come to realize somethings , some fumbles, issues, and some great happy times! Alhamdulilah.

I was sharing somethings with my aunti today and some sisters in my realization of being distracted and she said somethings that were so cool and true! She said

inna maal usri yusra….
in the remembrance of Allah does the heart find rest

when we are tested, we will discover what strengths we do have, and allah will keep that test going until we develop and build that strength…

like i said,

you think you’re a really nice person…until you have kids lol…seriously…you know sometimes we think..oh I’m cool and collected etc…but it’s not until we are tested that we discover our weaknesses and where we have to improve..and for me, I already know what my weakness is through all these years with kids and subhanallah…allah really handed me that test from an early I would have all these years to develop the strength required to bear it, and gain perspective and wisdom from it…and since parenting seems to be a lifelong test, I guess that is attests to the difficulty of that test alone : D

it also reminds me of the hadith that says (or was it hadith, do correct me if I’m wrong) that you don’t know how a person is until you travel with him because travelling brings out the true person…subhaanallah…

so in good times we’re able to do this and that, but then bad times we are not able to because of our weakness..thus that is a good sign from allah showing us where we need to improve..and if the bad thing had never occurred, we might never know what needs improvement…my analogy for this is a workout to build muscle : you might have read it on one of my posts on the blog, R : P”

Enough said! She really put what I was thinking into wonderful words! Alhamdulilah

So yeah, today on my way to class on the bus I was thinking about the readings I did of Musa a.s. and I’ve come to the conclusion that I like the name of Musa for my child, in sha’Allah if I have one one day. Subhana’Allah, I was thinking how such a humble individual he was-grateful-and of how Allah showed us his weaknesses and his strength, I don’t know but I kept thinking how human he was and I came to understand the reasons Allah choice him and of how as individuals we can learn from him, truly his stories and the Prophets in general have lessons that with stood the test of time. I was thinking about how when he got scared, Allah would describe the fear he felt and how Allah would console him, subhan’Allah. And of how after he helped the women at the well and was going to see their father, he asked the woman who lead him to go behind him and to throw rocks in front of him to lead him the way so that no fitnah occurred. And subhana’Allah in one day Allah had granted him a wife and a decade of work. May Allah bestow His mercy up him and us.

In addition, after I got off the bus with thoughts of Musa a.s I was thinking about how it was such a wonderful weekend and how much of Iman rush I had! Subhana’Allah, I truly understood Prophet s.a.w use to go to the mountains and use to seclude himself from the people. Not weired the least, I was thinking if everyday you tasted or got close to tasting the sweetness of Iman, due to being secluded and learning of things that are pleasing to Allah, than all in all you would never want to leave the seclusion. But as we know things don’t work out that way and the dunya pulls at us to make a living and to better ourselves. But yeah, it’s all a matter of finding a balance. It was so funny, after I prayed dhur I wanted to skip class and rush back to west campus where I parked my car and get my Quran that I forgot! hehe. Alhamdulilah though.

Masha’Allah! I had the opportunity to give some mad dawah today! Allahu Akbar. So I am sitting there in my anthropology class and lo and behold were talking about RELIGION, and I am thinking ‘dude, invite them to Seerah! I asked the teacher during break if i could pass it out and explain to the class and I also invited her too. I was soo happy, out of 19 cards I had 14 left…so five folks took the cards. May Allah guide them all to the right path! Ameeeeeen

So thats for today! Here are the charts…absolutely masha’Allah, alhamdulilah, tabarakAllah.

Today: Monday May 19

1.) Caps(10) Alhamdulilah

2.) Ttest (10)

3.) Quran 3 Surahs (10)

4.) Reading from the Prophets stories ibn Katheer (10)

5.)Lectures, at least one a day(10)

6.) Istigfar: asking for it 70 times a day or more (10)


Till next time, may Allah bestow mercy upon and grant me success in this dunya and in the akhirah: as well as Ummat Muhammed!


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