Posted: May 3, 2008 in Ahh moments


Hanging out with some sisters alhamdulilah. After teaching Seerah this morning to some students, we just came to hang out at one of the sisters house. While everyone snoozed, I surfed the net. The sound of the outside world too distracting to sleep. I found this reminder on a sisters blog earlier. Very nice. I’d like to continue and speak of this wonderful, awesome, crazy good event in teaching…but I gotta go as the sisters await for me in beginning the lecture. Till next time, May Allah the most HIgh make things easy for us!

Truly, in the heart there is a void
that can not be removed except with the company of Allah.
And in it there is a sadness
that can not be removed, except
with the happiness of knowing Allah and being true to Him.
And in it there is an emptiness
that can not be filled except with
love for Him and by turning to Him
and always remembering Him.
And if a person were given all of
the world and what is in it,
it would not fill this emptiness.”
– Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya

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