We Will be Replaced…

Posted: April 28, 2008 in Uncategorized


Today I was thinking before I began a lecture..which I will post soon, of how if we don’t do our jobs, meaning protect ourselves from harm and call others to protect themselves from harm, Allah has no need of us and will replace us with better people who will do that.

In the lecture I extracted these lessons and which were partly some of the things that have been running through my mind of late.

* One of the worst things one can do is to watch and let others ignore–forsake the commandments of Allah. To feel indifference. Though we cannot change and flip the hearts of people are job is to convey (Inn 3alaka Ilal Balag)

Ex.) The people of Thamood whom Salah a.s was sent to, nine of the people from the tribe killed NaqatAllah (she camel of Allah). Though it was only 9 of them, all of the tribe except those who believe in Salah and his message were destroyed. Why? Because they watched the commandments of Allah being disobeyed.

*In the lecture he mentioned the mala–the ones with the most influence. And of what they will do in order to force to change your mind.

1.) Fear

2.) Materialism

3.) Misconception

4.) Ridiculing & Mocking

Why? Because they didn’t want to lose their influence. If the followed the messengers the power would not be theirs but Allah and messenger.

Hijab: Find the one who doesn’t wear the hijaab more beautiful, and says about the sister who wears hijab as ugly. Duh, the hijab is doing its job. Its covering the beauty of the woman, as her beauty is for the family.

What would save us?

1.) Worship Allah–stay away from evil doing

2.) Istigfara–ask for forgiveness

3.) Gratefulness–tell Allah you are grateful! Alhamdulilah


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