7th Juz–bye bye—8th Juz! Yeah

Posted: April 13, 2008 in Quran


A while back I was anticipating going to the 8th Juz, but for some reason I completely forgot about it this time. Meaning, I completely forgot that I actually would be finishing Juz 7 and moving to 8th. Well, lo and behold I opened the second full page of Yaseen today, which was my ashir yesterday and on the left hand corner I find the hizb and Juz lettering right above one another indicating the beginning of a new Juz. (Wa maa anzalnaa illa qawmihim min ba3din….) Alhamdulilah, its been a while since I’ve finished a Juz, last I remember was back in Zumar (Faman athlama mi min kathabaa…).

Yesterdays ashir was a bit tough, more like a tongue twister. And after I memorized and I was reciting in salaah during later in the day, I found it really hard to remember the order…hence I stood in isha salaah super long getting stuck, fixing myself, going back, starting again. Actually from talking to Ayan, she tells me its going to get harder…pronunciation wise in the upcoming Surahs. Subhana’Allah, I can feel the tension and my hardship in trying to memorize because I let the momentum go for a while, meaning I wasn’t consistent in my memorization. But Alhamdulilah I’ve been back in the game for a while now, so In sha’Allah it will become easier.


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