The commandments of Allah

Posted: April 12, 2008 in Islamic Studies:My Kids


Subhana’Allah. You know, i tend to get all worked up about life and vent my frustration but somtimes, I think there isn’t anything in life that gets me more frustrated then seeing young Muslims leaving the commandments of Allah in their daily life. Yeah, its those little ones that I see every Saturday morning. Every Saturday I have the same topic with them; hijab. Now, more than ever i see that its just me who tells them the same thing. Today, I was pretty frank and didn’t place anyone on the side and talk to them, but rather I addressed the situation in class. I got to the point of telling them that I wasn’t even asking them to place a scarf on their heads, but rather to do away with all the tight, showy, short-skirts, and knee-high caprice. I pray that I was not too harsh, but I had to do it today. It saddens me when I see two young Muslim’s who come to Islamic school dressed as they were today. And what gets to me the most is that, it gets worst every weekend, the clothes and their polite arguments as to why they wear what they wear– are the same and they are ever more comfortable with it.

In talking to them, I realize its not just about the clothes, but its about the company they keep and even the events they go to. I am trying wallahi, and in all honesty I don’t know what to do aside from what I am already doing. I realize its not an option for me to remain quiet about this while they are under my care, and I am constantly reminded of the ayahs in the Qur’an that speak of calling to good and forbidding the evil. I wonder if other Islamic school teachers have the same issues or problem as I do. I think to myself and I actually told them today, in order for this knowledge to sink in your heart, you must have actions (good ones) with it. You cannot dress outwardly as a non-Muslim and want the nur of Allah in your heart as a Muslimah. Maybe one day they’ll remember me when they are my age, and remember all I told them in that 1 hour a week session.

A bit ago, one sister left a comment on one of the my other blogs that I wrote; it is while I was reading my old blog that I came upon the video below. I was reminded again by the situation with the young ones this morning. Subhana’Allah. May Allah protect the youth of this Ummah and the women of this Ummah in general.

Ashir, Yaseen, second page. Alhamdulilah. My Malaysian auntie asked me some tips on Qur’an memorization for her kids, I’ll be writing up that up soon. In sha’Allah, i’ll be reminiscing on my days as a dugsi gal and in my long path to gaining that hima (strength, motivation) in keeping up with Allah’s blessed book.

Till then, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon all of us.

  1. qarisister says:


    Assalamualikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    Regarding the advice/saying of Aisha (RA). I don’t have the actually quote, but she said something of the effect that if the first verses of teh Quran were to give up khamar and khanjir, people would have said we’ll never give up khamar and never give up khajir. But the first verses were of Jannah and Nar. And once the hearts of the people were soft, came the verses abuot halal and haram.

    SubhanAllah. Thats such a nice advice from the mother of the Belivers. You cannot tell people to do or not to do something even before Islam has entered their hearts. You have to make them understand what is at stake here. Until then, all fiqhi issues would fly over their head. Similarly, make the kids understand the beauty of Janna and the horrors of Hell. Make them take you as their confidant and adviser. Then slowly advice them to do the other stuff. Also, you along with the other teachers have to teach their parents. If what you teach the kids is undone at home, they won’t be benefiting much. Wallahualum.

    I am sure you know how to deal with them; you are a teacher, mashAllah.


    Use some lectures or articles to advice them inshAllah. You can use this too:

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