Posted: April 5, 2008 in Islamic Studies:My Kids


I visited my kids today at the usual place. Subhana’Allah, everyone was restless and we did random things. Again, we had the usual hijaab talk. Today, I had asked several of my students to mold their dress code into one that fits under the definition of hijaab. I have to keep reminding them that hijaab is not just limited to the head covering, but rather its about covering oneself and dressing modesty all over. Its about looking into the shariah and looking at what the dress code is for Muslims as apposed to the non-Muslims. Our conversation kind of died out when one sisters said “but my mom wears this too, and the other teacher said it was cute” Subhana’Allah, what can I say to such responses as those. I am always reminded of the contradiction that sometimes occurs when I tell these kids something, and other adults in their lives tell them the apposite. I tried my best and reiterated what I said to them before about pleasing Allah and not anyone else, and even if that person is yourself. Leave that which would anger Allah in order to be successful in your life. What is more important anyway? Allah? or yourself, and the people? It scares me sometimes that they think in these terms now and I wonder what will become of them later? But Allah is the one who guides and I think to myself that I am only a conveyor of the message. (In 3alaka ilal bala3)

Alhamdulilah, on a positive note, I visited my other kids yesterday. The Malaysian munckins are flying through their surahs. Their parents recently requested that they do tafseer along with their memorization. Alhamdulilah, its such a beautiful thing. I told them that every single time that I assign them verses that they summarize what they read about the tafseer. I sent them an email a while ago reminding them.

Must know tafseer (meaning) of your given ayahs. Meaning you’ll give me a summary of what you read abt. i.e. (“in this part, Allah talks abt the muslimeen and of how if they do good deeds, they’ll be given paradise where rivers flow…”)

Alhamdulilah, one cannot suggest one thing to one person and not end up doing it oneself. I actually ended up looking at the translation of surah zumar–I don’t have a tafseer book! ahha. Anyway, I remember memorizing this a while back, and was again reminded of the beauty of this Surah. In this surah Allah uses so many parables. Such as, is one who believes similar to one who disbelieves?, is one who stands in the night praying for the mercy of his lord similar to the one who does not?, is one who worships Allah alone (example of a slave who belongs to one master) similar to one who shares partners with Allah (example of one man belonging to several masters?, and are men of understanding similar to men who do not understand?

Alhamdulilah. Recited to my sister-in-law a bit ago. Its cool. I memorized for a couple of weeks now straight. I’ve had great success in this, Alhamduilah. Every week, I’ve had new ashir and thats the way its suppose to be. Allah has blessed me! And May He make it so for all time. Alhamduilah.


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