Posted: March 13, 2008 in Ahh moments


 I was listening to Shaykh abdulbary’s lecture on patiences again. He spoke about any feeling of sadness, worry, or frustration that we may feel we will be rewarded for it, so when we feel any of these we shoud just say “Alhamdulilah”


 It was a beautiful, sunny, spring-like day. The temperature was 50 and was a complete contrast to the snow covered ground. As I walked by the oval, I felt content knowing that Allah made it possible for me to get through this quarter. Allah made it possible for me to finish this quarter and get through the exams, work, crazy weekends, and granted me ease from the toughest of all stuff-emotional hardships. Alhamdulilah, Jannah is so expensive. I remember shaykh waleed saying in Rays of Faith how no one just gets into Jannah and how sometimes our salaah, sawm, and other ibadaats are not enough and that Allah will place obstacles infront of us so that we can earn and recieve that Jannah. Surely, in all that the Creator of the Heavens and Earth does, lies wisdom.

May Allah make all that we do only to seek the pleasure of His face, Ar-Rahman.


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