How and Why we Love and Respect the Scholars of Islam

Posted: March 6, 2008 in Yahya Abdel Ibrahim lectures


Notes: Tread carefully as its only my notes: Lecture can be find at:

How and why we love and respect the scholars of Islam:

The stingiest people—people who do not say sallahu Alahi Wa Salam when the prophet s.a.w. name is mentioned.

  • The lecturer came without knowing any of them—but they accepted him—because what brought them together was Allah.
  • Who are the scholars of Islam? Incorrect and impolite to just list their name
  • Importance of seeking knowledge
  • Importance of Scholars
  • Characteristics of the Scholars
  • How we deal with the people of Scholars—(respect, honor, and make dua for them)

  • Importance of seeking knowledge: Qul Hal Yastullatheenii…Can you say that those who haave knowledge or like those who don’t have knowledge?
  • Yusuf a.s.—Allah describes Yusoof—when he reached the age of maturity we gave him hukman and knowledge—Wataana–
  • Musa a.s. –Qasas—Allah described—when he reached the age of maturity vast wisdom—we bless those who are righteous
  • Those who poses knowledge are given by Allah understanding and wisdom

  • Man Yaruduallah yu faqihoo fi deen: “Whom so ever Allah wishes for good, He gives Him a firm understanding of this deen”

  • Hudaifa Ibn Yamamah narrated that the Prophet s.a.w. said “Fadlul 3ilm khyaru min fadlul ibadah” From Tabrani—Sahih: The blessings of knowledge is greater than the blessing of worshiping of ibadah: When you get knowledge you find and learn ways of worshiping Allah. (8:58


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