As-Saffat and the likes…

Posted: March 1, 2008 in Quran


I found myself telling a friend today how if you want the light of Allah (the whole of this deen) i.e the Quran and khusoo in salaah, to leave sinning. Subhana’Allah, I remembered a few years ago how I heard Imam Shafi3 r.a complaining to his shaykh Waki3 r.a, about his difficulty in remembering something and Waki3 r.a advised him to leave sinning as the Nur (light) of Allah is not given to a sinner. I spoke to her about how our sins and everything is a test in life, and that a lot of times were punished because of what our own hands have earned. And of how the punishment may come when we least expect…at the morning when were trying to wake up for fajr..and the shaytaan attacks and our hearts and minds are defeated because the day before we had somehow wronged ourselves by wasting time…backbiting…partaking in that which had nothing to do with the remembrance of Allah–and as Allah says in His noble book (Do the people think they will night be tested in the night…) I gave her of examples such as ones inability to maintain khushoo in salaah..there are many factors that deter one from gaining khushoo…where ones mind wonders off…its all limbs and no feelings in the heart…nada. Its interesting because at a seminar in december one brother said how the salaah is the place where your iman should be at the strongest and where you should get the best feeling spirtuality there…and if you cannot gain in salaah then you’ll never find it else where. Subhana’Allah.

So I told her that we all have our ups and downs and sometimes shaytaan will attack our he and his army our always waging war upon us. In these times, we have to try everything in our power to protect ourselves from harming ourselves (committing sins) so that our hearts and souls are affected by the speech of Allah and our salaah as a whole.

Subhana’Allah. Its amazing how when you are around people and you get the most interesting questions. The same friend today, we were talking about guidance. I was telling her in the Quran how Allah will choose who is guided and who’s not. I.E. The Prophet s.a.w. uncle. So then she asked what if Allah chooses not to guide a person–how is the choosing done?. And of how if a person persists in committing sins and Allah doesn’t choose to guide that person?. Its interesting questions because as I told her yeah, its Allah that chooses but a person cannot use the excuse that Allah didn’t choose them to be guided, because as stated before : Allah doesn’t change the state of a people (nation) unless they first change what is in themselves. So I told her whoever commits sins and continues to do so and uses the excuse that Allah didn’t choose them then they are indeed in error because an individual must first make the steps towards repentance and make the chose to change–and Allah will know–as He is Al-Alim and knows the nature of what He created and bithniAllah that person will be guided.

Subhana’Allah. May Allah forgive me for any errors that I made in writing this out or in speaking to the sister. May we always find ways to aid those around us because in more ways then one we’re helping ourselves. I realized whenever we make the attempt to correct a wrong or show someone a way in Allah’s deen we are indeed setting ourselves for our own successes and BithniAllah paving a path for ourselves in Jannah. May Allah, the most generous, bestow upon us a clean heart and make us an open door to the good and a closed door to the bad.

I visited my kids at noor today. It was interesting indeed. I tried to go the same route I did last week and Alhamdulilah we had a different type of discussion. I found myself thrown back to my school days, but this time I was on the other side of the table telling them what was permissible in terms of their lives. I remembered that saying, and boy did it ring true today, of how parents are kids first teachers! So a lot of times, I was answering questions that I hoped that parents could address to their kids. And a lot of times what you may teach children may conflict what their parents have taught them. But I remember of that verse in the Quran where Allah says concerning people being taken over by this dunya because of the love they have for their families, children, and wealth. So, I thought about how when parents love their children a lot, they tend to allow for them to do things that is not good for them..because of that love. Subhana’Allah, May Allah protect all of us from that. (remember: cheerleader story)

As-Saffat–Appears to be the longest Surah in my history of memorizing the Quran. Subhana’Alllah…I found myself again. Its an interesting way of looking at it but whenever I make the attempt to memorize and succeed its like finding myself again. A new me, a good me, and above all a happy me. I heard once that when your constantly immersed in something and you do it all the time…like your known for doing extra salaah, or you fast a lot–you become known for it. And this act doesn’t even have to be you telling people or trying to show off–the people pick up on. I don’t see many of the sisters I use to but of late I’ve been running to many of them and it turns out that somewhere along the way we always discuss Quran –of my progress or of theirs. Its a good thing really. So, i realized those encounters (and that person) will never let me really forget my own goals when it comes to the Quran. I was thinking of what I read the other day of how you should never stop doing something good because you think its showing off or others would thing you would be showing off because in reality its the tricks of the shaytaan and thoughts like that should never hinder you from doing that which is blessed in the sight of Allah. Again, its all about fixing or setting up ones intention. May, Allah the most merciful, make us of those who are known for carrying out specific righteous deeds.

I am leaving As-Safaat and moving along to Yaseen next week sometime In sha’Allah. Its been a long journey…and now will say bye bye to it. Ashir with sis-in-law & Sub3is (review) with a sister tomorrow. May Allah grant me the tawfeeq to do everything seeking His pleasure.

~Fill your life with goodness, and Allah will fill it with goodness~Shaykh Waleed Basyouni @ TDC (2006)




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