Mountain Pass

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Muhammed Alshareef


On my home from class, I started listening to Muhammed Alshareef’s lecture of mountain pass. Allah asks (Wa ama Adraka Mal 3akaba :What will make you understand what the mountain pass is?) What mountain–in order to climb it we have to know what it is. (Faku Raqaba ow id3amun fee yawmin thee masqabah Yateeman thama masqabah ow mikeenan tha madrabah ow miskeenan thamad rabah thumma kana minallatheen amanu wa tawaso bi sabri wa tawso bil marhama ulaika as habul mamana)

90:12 Surah Balad

وَمَا أَدْرَاكَ مَا الْعَقَبَةُ

90:12 And what could make thee conceive what it is, that steep uphill road?

فَكُّ رَقَبَةٍ

90:13 [It is] the freeing of one’s neck [from the burden of sin]

أَوْ إِطْعَامٌ فِي يَوْمٍ ذِي مَسْغَبَةٍ

90:14 or the feeding, upon a day of [one’s own] hunger,

يَتِيمًا ذَا مَقْرَبَةٍ

90:15 of an orphan near of kin,

أَوْ مِسْكِينًا ذَا مَتْرَبَةٍ

90:16 or of a needy [stranger] lying in the dust –

ثُمَّ كَانَ مِنَ الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَتَوَاصَوْا بِالصَّبْرِ وَتَوَاصَوْا


90:17 and being, withal, of those who have attained to faith, and who enjoin upon one another patience in adversity, and enjoin upon one another compassion.

أُوْلَئِكَ أَصْحَابُ الْمَيْمَنَةِ

90:18 Such are they that have attained to righteousness;

These steps:

1.) To free slaves

2.) To feed people on a day of severe hunger (i.e when you need the money the most, that should be when you should be feeding the people) Who? An orphan who’s very close (relative) or a homeless–a person in extreme misery

3.) To encourage mercy among the righteous

In this lecture he speaks about how if a person were to come from hell-fire and asked how they got there one of the first things would be that they had neglected there salaah, and after that would be that they didn’t feed the poor. Subhana’Allah. The makaan surahs were first brought down and Allah talks so much about feeding the needy and helping the poor. We focus so much on other things these days but alot times we collect information and learn knowledge but yet we don’t act upon it. And the best of us are those who act on what we say because when it comes to dawah and being amidst people it is that which draws people to us. Subhana’Allah. He gave the example of a brother who had become muslim and when he came to the masjid everybody told him the most important thing to do was to eat it halal chicken…they just kept saying this to him again and …the shaykh’s father ended up pulling the brother aside and gave him the meat and the brother said he never forgot that because whilst everyone kept saying you need to do this the shaykh’s father gave it to him..he acted on it.

Subhana’Allah. Its interest that alot of times we have so many plans and want to do big and great things in life but wallahi if we just do a bit here and there we would be ok. And sometimes we just forgot that the smallest of deeds that seem nothing to us, that in the sight of Allah it is great.

Its amazing how we never escape the sight of Allah and that each and everyone of us is a walking dawah. Our actions are constantly being screen and pre-screened by eyes!

The shaykh also mentioned about a woman who during the Prophet s.a.w was so sick and tired of hearing of the Prophet s.a.w. and so she wanted to leave mecca all together. In trying to leave….(to know the rest…listen to the link below)


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