Lecture continued (2)

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Yahya Abdel Ibrahim lectures

(Wa ma Arasalanaca Illa Rahmatan Lil 3aleem) (We’ve only sent you, Oh Muhammed s.a.w. as a mercy for all of existence)

Allah raised Muhammed s.a.w. above the rest of the Prophets and Messengers.

Allah, when he would call other prophets and messengers He subhana’ wa tala would– Bi asmahim Mujarum) (He subhana’wa tala would call them only by their first name. I.e (Wa yaaa Adam askun anta wa zawjikal Jannata(baqarah) Wa Yu nuh… (Ya Musa Inee ana rabika fa3la na3lata (Taha) (Ya Zakariya inna nuburshirika bi qoolam ..) (Ya Yahya qudul kitaabe bi Quwaa) (Ya Isa Inee Mutawafeeka Wa Rafi3ooka Ilay)

Allah subhana’ wa tala would give Prophet Muhammed s.a.w. a title to honor him and raise him.

Ya ahyu Nabuya Ina Arsalan (Oh mesesener, oh rusool) Ya Ahya Rasool, Ya ahyul Muzzamil, Ya Ahyal Mudathir)

Subhana’Allah. Its amazing to see the difference in that which Allah has called His other prophets compared to the Prophet s.a.w. Its so beautiful that which Allah has called all of his prophets…I gotta get the Arabic verses typed out. I am in a hurry and gotta run to class, in sha’Allah I’ll do it tonight! 17:49

On a last note: It is amazing, mind blowing, for the creator of the earth to call a person by their name! Most exalted is He! Subhana’Allah.



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