Lecture continued

Posted: February 26, 2008 in Yahya Abdel Ibrahim lectures


Why do we love the Prophet s.a.w.?

Because our creator loves Him.

How does Allah love, honor, and elevate the Prophet s.a.w.?

In the Quran Allah says of the Prophet s.aw.

1.) Ma Dalla Sahibakoom Wa Ma Qawaa ( Of his intelligence: He s.a.w. doesn’t make mistakes concerning this deen)

2.) Ma Kathabal Foadu Ma Raa (His heart s.a.w. was honored by Allah :His heart s.a.w did not lie to him about what he s.a.w had seen)

3.) Ma Zaqal Basaro Wa Ma Daqaa (Allah honored his sight: His eye sight didn’t make error)

4.) 3alamahoo Shadeedul Quwaa: His revelation was brought to him by one who is strong and powerful i.e Gabrial a.s. :Allah honored him by giving him the best of teachers: Gabrial a.s. who was also honorable.

5.) Wa Inakaa La3alaa Quluqin 3atheem : (Verily, Oh muhammed you have an exalted character)

16:20: To be continued

It’s pretty late and I gotta turn in. I want to be able to wake up for fajr…subhana’Allah the importance of waking up on time. I am forever reminded of that ayah in the Qur’an where Allah says Inna Salata kanaa 3alal mumineen kitaaban mu3ooda—from the one lecture—stating about the mumineen and performing their salaah at its appointed time. May Allah, the most high, make us of those who race towards His forgiveness, and race to fulfill that which was ordered by Him Azza Wa JaAllah, and perfecting our acts of worship so as to earn His pleasure.








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