Fear of Allah and love the Messenger s.a.w.

Posted: February 25, 2008 in Yahya Abdel Ibrahim lectures

Fear of Allah and Love the Messenger

Zatun 3ala Tariqah—provisions or things we must have while we move on the path.

First: Fear of Allah Azza Wa JaAllah

Second: Loving the Prophet s.a.w. more than anything else—showing this love by following him s.a.w.

Third: Dua—supplicating to Allah—a Dua is your direct line to Allah


Point 1: Fear of Allah.


Allah says in Surah Baqarah, (Fata Zawajoo Fa ina qara zaji Taqwa Wa Taqoo Niyaa Lil Albaab ) “Take provisions with you, and the best of the provisions that you can take Is the Fear of Allah. And fear me oh men of understanding”

What is fear of Allah?

The Al-Mutaqoon—the characteristics of those who Fear Allah

*Ala-Imran (Wa Sari3oo Ila Maqfiratin min rabikom Wa Janatoon 3ardoha sami wal ardi O3idadt Lil Mutaqeen) (“Be earnest, race towards the forgiveness of your Lord and Jannah, a Jannah whose width above the earth and heavens, its prepared for those who fear Allah”)

*[Alatheena Yon fiqoon fi saaraa wa daraa] (They are those who give in charity) Note: What they have and what they don’t have, [Wal Kafineenal Qaid] And Those who restrain their anger Note: They are angry but they restrain it. [Wal 3afeena 3anin Naas] But they also forgive the mistakes of others [Wa Lahoo Yuhubal Muhsineen] And truly, Allah loves those who do righteousness.

[Wa latheena Itha Fa3aloo Fahistahoom Othalamoo anfasahom thakaraAllah Fastafiroo Lithinoo bihim Wa Man Yafiroo thunaba Jami3a Ilallah, Wa Lam Yaseero Itha Fa3alo Oalika Jaazahum Ma3firatuhum Wa Janateen Tajree Min Tahtihl Anhara Qalideen fihaa—Wa Ni3ma Ajroon 3amileen ] “They are those who when they commit fahisha—people of taqwa fahisha—if they the do this—who wrong themselves—and they ask Allah for forgiveness—and they stay away from committing the sin again—for them they will many blessings from their Lord—and may gardens with rivers flowing underneath it—living in it forever—this is a fitting reward for those who do good.

What is Taqwa?

The greatest mufaasireen of the Qur’an : Abduallah Ibn Mus3ood r.a.: The Prophet s.a.w. said if you are going to learn the Qur’an from anyone learn it from four people : Mention in Buqhari 1.)Abdullah Ibn Mus3ood

Abdullah Ibn Mus3ood said that Taqwa is to obey Allah and never to disobey, and that your in constant remembrance of Allah so you are never lead to forgetting Allah, and that you are always thanking Allah so that you may never disbelieve in Allah.

Note: So that you never forget where your ni3ma is coming from

It’s to obey Allah, using the light from Allah: Qur’an and Sunnah

Hoping Allah to reward you

At the same time abandoning committing any evil deed

Also, because you have been given the light—you are in fear of Allah

The Prophet sa.w.—said to Muad—“Ya Mu3ad, ItaqiAllah haythomaa” Oh, Muad fear Allah wherever you find yourself—Tirmidi

Point 2: Loving the Prophet s.a.w. by following His sunnah s.a.w.

To be continued In sha’Allah— 13:40/28:23




Allah says in Surah Baqarah, (Fata Wazajoo Fa ina qara zaji Taqwa Wa Taqoo Niyaa Lil Albaab ) “Take provisions with you, and the best of the provisions that you can take Is the Fear of Allah. And fear me oh men of understanding”

I use to hear this verse all the time and loved the sound of it even though I didn’t know the meaning before..subhana’Allah the beauty of the sound of the words and the meaning of it is really awesome! I’ll never forget it now bithniAllah









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