“Whats holding you back?”

Posted: February 24, 2008 in Yahya Abdel Ibrahim lectures




Short lecture :20:02


Yahya Adel Ibrahim


What is holding you back?


As a Muslim student, women, man, etc—what is holding you back from doing that which is pleasing to Allah and forbidding that which is displeasing to Him.


Transmit what you hear and learn of this deen to others—your duty to do it.


We may miss salaah occasionally: Allah says (Insa Salata kana 3alal mumineen kitabaan Muqooda) “Surely, performing the salaah at is appointed time was specified for the believers”


You may wake up—how about your spouses and those around you?


What is holding you back?


Every time you pray it cleanses you from the sins you committed prior to performing the salaah.


Allah says in surah Jum3a : (Oh you who believe, when the call of prayer is called—run to the remembrance of Alllah and leave bai3a (business), this is truly what is good for you, if you truly understand, then when completed go back to the earth and seek from the bounties that Allah has given you)


Sahih—Imam Tirmidi: Whoever leaves jum3a three consecutive days without a valid reason—they are counted among the hypocrites.

The Qur’an: What is holding you back?

Reading, reciting, teaching it, reflecting its meaning

In hathaul Qur’an Ya hada lilathi Aqwam: Allah says “Have you not heard this Qur’an leads and guides to that which is strife, gives glad tidings to the believers, those who do righteous”


The prophet s.a.w. “whoever reads one harf…etc”—the Prophet is telling us to read one word of it at least.


We spend so much time studying: Do we as Muslim give the same dedication to the Qur’an, the hadeeth of the Prophet s.a.w., to this deen?


What is holding us back?


Allah orders in the Qur’an for the Prophet s.a.w. to ask Allah “Oh Allah increase me in knowledge” (Wa Qul rabi zitni 3ilmaa): Note: This is the only place in the Qur’an that Allah orders the Prophet s.a.w. to ask for the increase in something that he possess. The Prophet s.a.w. had knowledge but Allah was telling him it was not enough and to ask for it to be increased.

Man Yurdullah Yufaqihoo fi deen “Whomever Allah wishes good for, he gives him an understanding of the deen”


Whats holding the Muslim women from wearing hijaab?


The wisdom of the Qur’an: Ya Ayaha Nabiyo Quli Azwajika…“Oh prophet of Allah, say (proclaim) to your wives, your daughters, all the women of the believers to cover and draw clothes over them , this is better for them that they be known as the believing women, surely Allah is the most forgiving most merciful.


The Prophet s.a.w. said “Everyone of my ummah will enter Jannah except those who refuse themselves” The sahabi asked who would refuse to go to Jannah.

The one who obeys me

“Man Yudi3ee Rasool Faqat 3ada Allah, Wa man 3asani ” –To obey the messenger is to obey Allah, and whoever doesn’t will not enter Jannah.


What is holding us back:

What is holding us you and me back:

The answer:


Limiting factor: you are the one holding you back from Allah.


Hijaab/attending Jum3a in ‘Kosova’ example.


The Prophet s.a.w. said “Ya Mu3ad, ItaqAllah” Ya Mu3ad, fear Allah wherever you find yourself


You should have this consciousness-hope and fear in Allah wherever you find yourself





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