Posted: February 24, 2008 in Ahh moments


Earlier from one of the lecture..yesterday morning, I remembered the saying that “nothing is impossible”. The shaykh spoke about this concerning of how Allah will grant us anything either than and there or give it us when were ready for it. The cool thing was he said to even ask for things we think we may not deserve, but he said with the mercy of Allah, anything is possible. He gave the example of the saying of the Prophet s.a.w.–when you ask–ask for Jannatul Firdous. Aim for high. That when you ask for anything, ask for the best! Subhana’Allah.

Its amazing how things work out…indeed the miracles of Allah are many and sometimes we cannot even begin to comprehend. You know there is this saying about things–good or bad or coming in pairs or threes or something like–English proverb. Its weired but wallahi this is so true sometimes. Its all about the barakah factor! Things you never expect to happen in the most unlikely of times happen. i.e the return of my abi! (In sha’Allah). I remember when I was once in 7th grade I got this award in school—in a weired way—this is one of the times that I truly understood the power of dua. We had this award assembly at school at the end of the year and the teachers spoke about the awards so many times again and again. I really really really wanted a specific award—I wanted it that badly. So I prayed for it again and again and again–and I remember when I got it thinking–“wow, it worked!”

What a day: Somethings to implement so as to increase in my barakah factor package

1.) Staying awake after fajr (must take a nap though or will burn out) & trying to increase my kushoo3 in salaah

2.) Reciting Qur’an outloud

3.) Making heavy loads of dua for specific things

4.) Asking for increase that which is good and aid in staying away from that which is bad

5.) Listening and trying to comprehend lectures (reflecting and extracting information that may aid me in my life)

6.) Trying at best for Ihsaan–excellency—doing everything with care and diligence

7.) Being hopeful or trying at best to think about the future and hoping for the best

8.) Saying A3uthubillah constantly so as to not let the shaytaan eat away at my deeds and steer me from the right path

9.) Putting effort in being helpful and kind to my mom and all those around me–even those who I’ve had a bit of an issue with in the past (implementation of weighing the importance of paradise on one scale–and holding on to a grudge and ill feelings on one side)

10.) Keeping company–attending halaqah and not hiding away in my room like a hermit–and if in that place to actually do something beneficial.

11.) Trying to go for consistency whether if the act is small (like memorizing an ayah a day or praying extra)


May Allah bless my efforts and grant me success for all time. Ameen.

* this picture reminds me of that description of how Allah knows about everything …”not a leaf falls, except that it is by His knowledge”

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