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Posted: February 23, 2008 in AbdulBary Yahya


Alhamdulilah, I ended up continuing my lecture series on Seats of Scholars–Paltalk. It worked out so well because I listen to the first part on my own actually and just caught up wit the rest of the people on there. They also have better notes than I do it seems..the format is there..but you fill in the details. Alhamdulilah.

I”ll post my notes below–please tread carefully as there just my notes and what I happen to download the format of the notes from: The lecture can also be found at

If your out there and don’t get the chance to listen–one can join this upcoming weekend on paltalk! Details:

(Join us as we hold our 9th Seats of Scholars class where Shaykh Abdulbary Yahya shares with us the means to which we can attain this spiritual cleansing of the most important organ for our well being in this world and the hereafter.

What: Audio lecture titled “The Purification of the Heart” by Shaykh Abdulbary Yahya

Where: Paltalk -> Religion -> Islam -> Seats of Scholars

When: Saturdays, 7:30 am (EST) Feb 16, 23, Mar 1, Mar 8

For those in other parts of the world, we are in Columbus, Ohio (US Eastern time zone (same as New York).

Look here for your respective time zones.

6 am Saturday in Columbus, OH = 11am Saturday in Ireland & the UK
6 am Saturday in Columbus, OH = 12pm Saturday in Cape Town, South Africa
6 am Saturday in Columbus, OH = 8pm Sunday in Sydney, Australia

My notes:


Seats of Scholars

The Purification of the Heart:

Two Wings of the Believer

By Shaykh AbdulBary Yahya

Purification 2

Week 2

A man amongst people in jannah:

· Abdullah Ibn Umar story: A person who goes to bed and has no jealousy towards anyone—and you forgive anybody has anything to you. Pure hearts—(Ila Man AtAllah bi Qalbin Salim—purifying the hearts)



Pure hearts:

· It’s easy but very difficult in cleansing it. Is being mad at that person worthy in not going to paradise? Which one do want the most? Is it worth for me to get angry. You purify your heart before going to bed. Before paradise on side and all the bad feelings on one side.


Two wings of the Mu’min: (Al Qawfa Wa Raja)

  • Fear & Hope—in Qur’an—paradise is always followed by hell-fire-there is balance
  • In Christianity–ex


Ibn Qayyim says in Madarijul Salikeen:

  • Al-Qalb—when it flies to Allah its like a bird
  • Love of Allah is the head
  • Fear and hope—are the two wings
  • If the head and two wings are straight—it takes flight—if u cut the head—the bird is dead—the heart is dead
  • If a birds wing is broken and is lying on the ground a hunter can take—its unprotected—i.e. shaytaan can get to it
  • Hope-increase in good deeds—fear so you stay away from the sins


Hadeeth Sahih Muslim and At-Tirmidhi: Aisha asked about the ayah – Those who give in charity of what Allah has given to them and their hearts are lenient and to their lord they return :

    • Ex. Those who drink—commit bad and then return and repent to Allah.


Hassan Al-Basri:


Cry more and laugh less

Prophet (SAW) said:





  • When it came to Saudi Arabia—some of scholars said it was haram—they said this because the thought if a person is in Saudi Arabia and a person all the way in American—they thought it was magic—and that’s shirk—they said this because they couldn’t comprehend it.
  • We cannot comprehend all the stuff in Paradise
  • Whatever you read in the Qur’an and imagine about paradise its greater than that and of the hell-fire what ever you imagine when you read it its greater than that.
  • When you’re little you think thing about the things that you want in paradise—in paradise when you actually get it it’ll be like garbage.


Ibn ‘Abbas:

    • He said when he hear about Allah speaking of things in paradise, only the name is the same but its actually different. The name—apples..water—but its so much great than that. The punishment—however difficult you perceive it—its passed that—so much greater. That’s why the Prophet s.a.w. said you would cry more and laugh less if you had seen what I have seen.


Rock drop:

    • 70 yrs ago—dropped 70 yrs ago—and just landed–


Fear & Sleep:

    • If a person really fears Allah the most will do righteous deeds—if a person wakes up at night Allah would reward them. When you’re afraid you can’t sleep—if you have a hard time waking up for fajr—think about the hell-fire—the sleep would go away immediately.



  • The merchandise of Allah is expensive—we don’t enter paradise with our deeds—you only enter with the mercy of Allah.
  • Shaykh AbdulBary Yahya I.E when he asked his son to get him water—he gave him 300 dollars—He gave it to him because not he deserved it—amt of work for the worth of money—but because he loved him—
  • The deeds that we do-is so miniscule—compare to what Allah will give to us.
  • When you compare eternity to anything..that number is zero—money—you can’t compare to anything—doesn’t have price—you get.
  • You only do deeds—small—they’ll never equal to eternity.
  • The deeds—we try hard just get close to that eternity.


The Prophet (SAW) said: Everyone will enter Jannah except those who refuse.

Allah invites us to paradise—all will enter except those who refuse—


In Surat An-Nazi’at:

  • ..Wa ma qafi..—“whoever fears his lord, controls his desires—Allah will grant them good”


  • Control—use your fear to aid you.


  • There is a time you should speak more about fear and other times hope—a person who commits a lot of sins and they want to return to Allah—then you speak of the hope—fear—depends on the person.


  • We all have hope—think of all of us—when u come to the Masjid—we all have


  • We have to have knowledge to help us in all through this. (Inama YaqshAllah Min 3ibadahi Min Ulaama)—the scholars are those who fear Allah the most


Ibn Masood:

o He said, knowledge its enough to instill fear. A person who fears Allah and at the same time hopes in Allah will continue to do good.


Omar ibn Khattab:

o He said if an angle came to earth and said “everyone will enter jannah except one person” Omar said that person would be me. Hudaifah knew the names of the munifiqoon—he omar asked “Am I one of them” –hope—fear—it should be the same.


The Prophet (SAW), Allah said:

o By my strength, I will not combine to fears and two tranquility—two fears and security will not be combined—if he fears me this dunya—security in the hereafter—if he feels secure in this dunya—I’ll make him fear me in the hereafter.



o When we fear people in the dunya we turn away from them—but when we fear Allah we run towards him.

o Some Muslims say—if I get into hell-fire—I won’t stay forever—they’re basically saying I am going there—they already gave up.


Al- Baqarah, 218:

  • Hope-how do you hope? Allah says “ Indeed those who believe, who make the hijrah, and they make jihad fisabillah, those who have hope, Allah is oft forgiving and merciful” These people do everything they can—they do all these things—they have hope.
  • I.E a man wants children—he stays in the masjid—and people ask him are you getting married? He says no—duh—you gotta try and do things.


Allah says:

  • “Inallatheena Yatulna Kitaballah…Indeed those who recite the book of Allah, he ….who give…they hope”


Allah says:

  • Indeed those who give and what Allah has given and their hearts are soft” these are the people who fast, give, and they fear Allah won’t except of them and they hope that He does”
  • “Is it equal to those who stand up in the night and pray and fear Allah—than those who don’t?”
  • “Is it the same, those who know or don’t?”


Hope & Fear:


Allah says:


In As-Sajdah, Allah says:

  • ..those who forsake their bed and goes to pray in the night..(this is sifaa) Fata Fatin Junoohum —they pray and fear Allah—they forsake their bed—the ask Allah.


A man came to the Prophet (SAW) asked: what du’as do you make in your prayer? He said: I ask Allah for Jannah and security from Hell-fire.


Allah’s Mercy:

  • There are people who ask for the dunya but not the akhirah –so ask “Rabanaa Atina Fi Dunya Hasana Wa Qini Adabaan Naar”
  • Ask for Paradise—and ask to be saved from the hell-fire
  • In Sujood and Tashahood—we should ask Allah for paradise—and when we ask we should ask for the highest place in Jannah! When a person asks we should ask for the highest—because than you reach for the highest—you do the most obligatory—you try the best—when you ask—ask for the best—and try your best!
  • Even if you don’t perceive and don’t think you deserve it—ask for it anyway—the impossible becomes the possible–


In hadeeth qudsi Allah says:

· “I am whatever my slave perceives me to be” We should fear Allah—the scholars agreed that fear at death is there—and during time death—we should hope for the mercy of Allah at that time because you don’t have any deeds to do.

· When we ask Allah, its granted to—when we ask him—make sure were not doing bad—there is a reason Allah might not give it to us then are there because we may be not ready for it and Allah is saving it for us.

· “Whoever who worships Allah just because he fears him, and with hope only (no deeds), and whoever worships Allah just because he loves—he’s just doing shirk Fear, hope, love—a Muslim who is full in his worship

· …hadeeth….if you met me with sins…Allah will forgive you

· When you commit a sin—people usually tell others about it—don’t do that—if Allah covers it for you, ask Allah for forgiveness—be consistent in tahajjud and ask Allah to forgive you.


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