Posted: February 23, 2008 in Ahh moments


Subhana’Allah. I had one of those awesome cool days. A cool day as in an emanrush experience as well as a teaching moment. I would post this in my other blog about education but I feel the need to post it here. I went to my kids at noor today, and did like a 360 with me–like a turn around. I basically had a bunch of things rummaging in my head and so I told them all that was in my head. I narrowed all the things rummaging in my head to three things: Love, Fear, and Hope in Allah. It was one of the most amazing experiences in my life because–the kids were no longer writing but we had a full-blown class discussion. They had so many questions, its was crazy. In through it all, I spoke about basically what I was listening to all week. I don’t know…I didn’t even plan for it but when I came into the classroom all of it just spewed out. Subhana’Allah. I just looked through my previous notes and realized that within this week I’ve listened to both Yahya Abdel Ibrahim and Shaykh AbdulBary Yahya’s lecture and they both had this recurring theme.

What did I explain to them? I just hope and pray that Allah accepts it of me and that I didn’t make errors in what I said. So, I was basically telling them about the key ingredients in worship of Allah–I told them of how you gotta have all of it and can’t just have one or two for then your worship would fail. I told them of how when it comes to loving Allah–yeah you gotta love Him–because He created you–he loves you right back–for He is ever merciful and takes care of you all the time. Then I told them of Fear–I told them of how you can’t just be lovey-dovey all the time in your worship and think that you can do whatever you want and that Allah will love you in whatever that you do–I said, Allah doesn’t always love you–there are conditions to earning His love–meaning if you do bad and sin—Allah will won’t love you, because Allah loves the righteous. –The concept of Fear and my explanation of it sparked a long topic with the kids–I had questions thrown at me like–“since I don’t wear hijaab, will I go to hell” This coming from a 6th grader who didn’t observe hijaab. I stopped and had to answer this question as I was thinking she may not hear it from anyone else–though I had wished she had asked me one on one rather than in front of the whole class–but anyway I had to be firm with her and explain two concepts to her question–1.) was that the hijaab is part of your ibaadah and is a commandment from Allah and that you cannot forsake it and that if you do you’ll be sinning 2.) The concept of going to hell–i told her that when it came to the hell-fire and of who gets to decide who goes to hell–Allah decides–now, I said that All muslims will go to paradise but that we must be cleansed first if we do something bad or disobey Allah–doing something bad or sinning is also forsaking that which Allah has commanded. Alhamdulilah, so that was that for the hijaab topic–which continued on and on about what their friends have said about it. After that they had a bunch of questions of keeping with company–having non-muslim friends–and eating zabih–being around those who don’t believe etc. As I went along to explain to them about Hope we spoke about about paradise–such an awesome topic for them. That then lead to the million dollar question–“What is that you do to get there”…the sister who had asked it explained how we all make mistakes and sometimes they were lost and what not–so she said to give them what they should do in order to get there. Subhana’Allah. Its such an interesting question because, how many of us ask ourselves these questions everyday. So, anyway I explained to her of how expensive this Jannah was and of how we would only enter it by the mercy of Allah. I said the number thing was to avoid committing shirk with Allah–from that I spoke about salaah–I drew diagrams and on top of it all i told them how in order to have and do all these you gotta have knowledge–I told them in order to do all this and more you have to know about them. Subhana’Allah–one of the students came forth and spoke of the shahaada–and another continued to list the six pillars of eman and Islam.

So all in all–what started out as a three part lecture lead to much more. Alhamdulilah. The cool thing about all this was that I learned something all through the stuff–Allah made it possible for me to say that which would be (In sha’Allah) pleasing to Him and granted me to speak without hesitation and with conviction. Lastly, I realized that when your around kids and you teach them about this precious deen your eman grows and you cannot help but act on that which you speak about—It just re-affirms ones faith and makes one question their actions and intentions because in through it all it makes it hard for me at least, to say one thing to them and yet act contrary to it. May Allah make this easy for me, and may He, the most high, increase me in Iman and knowledge so that I may benefit others. Alhamdulilah, i got me a summer job too–what more could I ask for but to teach that would be most beloved to Allah!



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