Posted: February 6, 2008 in AbdulBary Yahya


_ Black spot; if he returns to Allah and repents, Allah will clear his heart..but continues and doesn’t return—the heart takes over–the rust—Mutafiffeen (Kala Bal Rana 3ala qulubuhum)


Truth becomes falsehood and falsehood becomes truth to the individual.


Waliyul Omar—the couple knew it was wrong—but they did it anyway—Allah subhana wa tala gave the child to them—wasn’t good for them—Allah made their hearts even more astray—because they went to do shirk and once they committed—Allah increased in it.—was a test for them.


Bani Isreal had knowledge when they committed sin—bad that they had knowledge and went ahead anyway—Allah made them go astray even more once the committed sins.


People delay in following certain rules—once they delay it—the heart will darken—because it becomes hard because the heart had rusted—even if they decided


Our hearts are tested—most difficult thing to control as it flips up and down—changes back and forth.


The heart is so called the heart because its always changing.


The only time your heart is pure and stable is in paradise. As Allah says “Whatever they have they won’t wanted to change”—speaking about the people of paradise in that their hearts are so pure they don’t want to change anything


One of the places the heart is tested is in prayer: The heart is sincere in the beginning…it may change while someone comes during your salaah. Sometimes you don’t realize and it changes on you. When this happens, you have to stop. When you do the deed check your intention—why are you doing it—in the middle of also ask your self—why are you doing it. {31:52)


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