Lecture series

Posted: January 31, 2008 in AbdulBary Yahya



Part I: Diseases of the heart


Important—the purification of the heart –one of the most important parts of the body—the heart.

A lot of Muslims are sick and they don’t realized; if its physical if there is pain they will take care of it—just like the physical things—the heart also gets sick and a lot of Muslims don’t take care of it and search for the cure.

The Prophet s.a.w. in a hadeeth says—“indeed in the body there is a piece of flesh, if it’s healthy, than the whole body is good. If its not good and not healthy, then the whole body is not good—the part is the heart.

A lot of times when we look at people—the problems in the Ummah–the problems in our communities—we don’t go deep enough–and you say this person just argues a lot—he’s just a trouble maker—we brush it off—but if we look deeply we should find that it’s the person’s heart that is actually sick—that’s also what causes the sickness in the Ummah.

The scholars said the heart is the king of all the limbs. (Al-Qalbu Malakul A3da) And the limbs and other parts are just soldiers—because it’s what the heart tells the other parts to do. I.E if a leader is bad then he is going to lead the other people to do bad—then they said—If the heart is good then the limbs—soldiers are going to be good.




We all have problems—when you have problems you gotta tackle it from the roots—look for the source. The Prophet s.a.w. said in hadeeth—A person’s Iman will not be upright until your heart is upright—so your Iman will be upright if your heart is good.

It’s important because Allah looks at our hearts—not the clothes we wear—He looks at our deeds.

Abu Hurayrah r.a. narrated: Allah subhana wa tala does not look at your physical features (but if you keep clean than Allah loves==as Allah is beautiful and loves beauty) to determine his position in the site of Allah, nor His wealth (but if the person uses it in the way of Allah then he will be rewarded)

The heart the source of Iman and fear (God consciousness)

Taqwa comes from the word (Waqiyah—to protect) and one says ItaqiAllah—fear Allah—it means to do all that you can to protect yourself from the fire of Hell and to leave all that Allah has forbidden.



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