Posted: January 19, 2008 in Progress


Alhamdulilah, the week is over. What do I have to show for? What have I done? Anything to contribute to my akhirah?

Alhamdulilah. I just done memorizing. Its really hard, as I’ve mentioned to get in the motion of things. Subhana’Allah, from the surah’s I’ve listened I looked at the translation…beautiful. This Surah…(man, i wish i had a tafseer ibn katheer)..but anyway this surah Allah subhana wa tala praises his messengers. He, the most high, explains they were from of the righteous and because of this He, the most mericiful, explains by using words such as bestowing His Blessings, Grace, Rewarding. Additionally, Allah explains of how by his immient mercy and due to their righteous He aza wajAllah saved their people from despair.


Additionally, Allah speaks of Ibrahim a.s. and of how he asked Allah to grant him a son. After Allah had granted him the child and the child had reached an age where he could walk, Allah asked Ibrahim so sacrifice his son. Subhana’Allah…a test indeed. It reminded me of how when Allah gives you something that in reality it is all His and He’ll take it back as He wishes.And to Allah we belong and to Him we return.


So…recently I listened to a lecture by Shaykh AbdulBary Yahya concerning the virtues of patience. It was just beautiful…indeed beautiful. Some points from that lecture….

1.) Sabr–dealing with Ibadatat—keeping salah, fasting, etc. Basically being steadfast in the rememberance of Allah and performing that which you were told to do.
2.) Sabr—keeping away from committing sin…subhana’Allah.  He went to talk about and pointed out how Allah grants you pleasure in so many ways and bestows halal things for you as well as haram. He said when you go ahead and do the haram the halal won’t feel as pleasurable because Allah will take it away because you committed the haram. But that whenever you be patient and stay away from the haram that know that Allah has the halal in store for you. For every haram thing that is there, there lies in a halal thing for you BitniAllah !
3.) Sabr-in calamity–He mentioned how Allah loves you and that its a sign He wants good for you if He afflicts you with something. He gave the example of a women who brought her daughter for marriage to the Prophet s.a.w. and told him she has not faced any difficulties and has not been sick since she was 12 years old…and the Prophet s.a.w. in return denied the girl for marriage because he said she was not tested and that he s.a.w. didn’t favor her.
Anyway, he also mentioned that we should stay away from something if we know that we cannot be patient with it…if we know that we can’t handle it we shouldn’t place ourselves in such a situation. Also, we should all pretend to be patient–its from the hadeeth of the Prophet s.a.w. to do so. And this should occur in the beginning of a trial…we should prepare ourselves for something prior to having it happen and think I am going to be patient..He gave the example of a women who one of her family members died and she was at the grave site and was very upset. The Prophet s.a.w. approached her and without looking up the women lashed out at him telling him to go away and that he didn’t know what she was going through. After having said what she said the women looked up and found the person to be the Prophet s.a.w. and went to him to apologize. The Prophet s.a.w. replied by saying that patience should occur in the beginning because after that its not patience.

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