Posted: January 13, 2008 in Progress


I’ve literally begun a new chapter in my life. I can attribute this new change to the beginning of the quarter or of the new roles I’ve taken. But I know, its a ni3ma from Allah, and even with the ni3ma that Allah bestows on His slaves, it is a source of testing as well. Subhana’Allah. A couple weeks back I was excited about TDC…whats that? See video below.

There is a part in which one of the shaykhs explains “Fill your heart with goodness and Allah will fill your life with goodness”

‘Fana Mashqulun bi 3amal” I was busy doing good deeds. Sweet line from the lecture of Regret & Patience.

Subhana’Allah. In the midst of all that has been going in my life…yeah, I’ve found solace to listening to these lectures about the hereafter actually. A friend of my downloaded some stuff for me on my IPod and though I’ve listened to the lectures a bunch of times…I still love it.

A couple stuff from it i posted above…and here are some more.

~When Princess Diana died Allah was teaching us a lesson…here was this person who the non-muslims as well as the muslims loved–she had wealth, she had beauty, and Allah choice to take her away. This is a sign that even during our times of glory, happiness, youth, Allah could take it away instantly. Subhana’Allah. Another–concerning regret…Ali r.a and one of his companion were standing in front of a grave and Ali r.a. asked ”

What do you think this person would do if they could return to this world. The companion replied,

“He would fill his life doing good deeds” Ali r.a. then replied

“Then if its not him, then let it be you”

Lessons from this: Death will come to us…take the time now to do good deeds.


The other day I was reviewing some information on the Rays of Faith class with the Al-Hamazah munchkins. I asked one of them to tell me about the angles…she went ahead and listed them to me.

~They pray for the righteous

~They work for Allah and obey Him

~They love the sound of the Qur’an and love hearing it.

On the third part…when she said that…wow it totally caught my attention. Subhana’Allah…imagine that…of His creation Allah had instilled such love for the Qur’an even in His angles. Kids say the most amazing simple to the point sayings.

Concerning my progress on Qur’an: Really slow…was totally lazy with it..yeah 10 whole days of break and nothing but Taha by Ghamadi, An-Nisa/Baqarah by Juhany. Just beautiful. I find it funny that i couldn’t get past it then I kind of got scared because i know that when we’re lazy with the Qur’an Allah takes it away from us. Scary. But anyway picked it up recently with sis-in law. May Allah keep me firm on this path, May He the most high, cleanse my heart and make me firm on his Deen.

Ya Muqalibul Qulubani Qalbik 3ali deenik (Oh controller, changer of hearts, make me firm on this deen.


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