Friends & Good times

Posted: November 12, 2007 in Ahh moments


I once heard in a lecture of how one companion would say to another “come, lets worship for an hour”. Its amazing what you and your friends (especially those who’ll remind you of the akhirah) can do together while in each others company. Additionally, that reminds me of a great shaykh who would go to another shaykh so he can have a sort of eman fix hour.  Subhana’Allah. Indeed, our hearts are always turning, changing, intensions likewise, so indeed we all need time to be away from the hustle and bustle of the dunya to just sit, slow down, remember the afterlife, and on top of that to come and work for the sake of Allah.

“Verily in the remembrance of Allah, do hearts find content”

A lot of times,  I realized we can become so fixated on ourselves that we can forget about everyone around us. I realized that when I am busy with others and constantly worrying about whether reading their qur’an, on top of their salah, doing dawah work…that I am and was at my happiest. These times are just full of barakah…I was just thinking about it while I was driving home. I realized the amount of ajir and barakah that comes in getting together for the sake of Allah is tremendous. First, one walks out of their home to attend a halaqah or Islamic based gathering…the angles send their blessings upon you, you say your dua for going out of the home, you say your dua for driving your car, you say a bunch of salaams and smile at the folks you meet, the ajir continues, you pray with these awesome folks…some more ajir accumulates in jam3a, you discuss and deen and mention Allah’s name in the gathering…the angles subhana’Allah, then you part and say the dua in departing and coming together for Allah sakes…in the process whipping away our sins. Oh Allah accept it of us and of those who always come together for your sake!



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