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Posted: October 17, 2007 in Ahh moments


Balance: the never ending school, work(ha), family, memorization. Life looks a bit like that…not in that order. (InAllahi Ma3a Sabreen…and Allah is with those who are patient. So I was thinking what in the world was I doing last year at this time…what was my blog like? I just now looked and the closest date I have is that of oct. 19th and oct.5. Oct.19th looked like this….

[Uplifting lecture

Fruits and Benefits of Iman —Yasir Qadhi—from


Allah sw said the roots of Iman are established in the ground…it gives its blessings by Allah’s doing.


Iman has firm roots…its foundation is firm…this is how it is of the firm believers. For the Muslim the Iman does not leave.  Yeah the Muslim may do stuff that isn’t good but when asked are you Muslim they’ll say yeah.


When Iman enters the essence of the heart it will not exit.


If someone has Iman you can see it in them…the tree of Iman gives its fruits at all times…at every single occasion.


  Of the Fruits and Blessings of Iman:


1.)    Iman is a condition to enter Jannah—only the Mumin enters Jannah


2.)    Iman prevents the person from going to the fire of hell.



3.)    If you have little Iman you’ll be put in the fire of hell for a time period and will be taken out.


4.)    If you do a good deed Allah will only accepted from the Mumin.



5.)    The one who has Iman Allah will forgive them for their sins.


6.)    The one who has Iman will come under the protection of Allah.



7.)    Allah will guide these people because of their Iman.


8.)    Iman is what the Mumin turns to when things became difficult.



9.)    Whatever happens good to the Mumin it is good for him and if something bad happens to him then he is patient.


10.)The Khilfa will be given to the person who has Iman in this adunya.


11.)Iman is the solution to any problem. Allah will provide provisions and sources for the person that he couldn’t imagine.


12.)Allah raises the believers in this life and the hereafter.

13.)The Angles themselves will come down in hoards and in large numbers to comfort the person at the time of their death. And tell them don’t worry of your family or anything for you are one of the people of Jannah. They are given the glad tidings of Jannah even before Judgment Day.


14.) The only way a person will obtain beauty in this life is through Iman.


15.) Iman protects the person into falling into sin and committing evil acts.  The Iman will act as a barrier.


16.) The believers are brothers of one another


17.) Allah will love the person, the angles will love the person, and the people will love the person who has Iman.


18.) On the Day of Judgment everything will be dark…all lights will be turned off.  For the Mumin to find there way to Jannah  they will be given a light within themselves to show them the way.  Depending on how strong the persons Iman the light will be just as strong.  For the non-believer they will not have a light and so they will fall in the fire of hell.


To Increase in our Iman is to do good deeds for the sake of Allah. It involves action.


For example in the Qur’an Allah will always puts Iman and 3amalu-saliha (good deeds) together.  ..Inallahthina Amuna Wa 3amilu Salihat…


We Increase our Iman:

1.)    By learning of Allah Attributes

2.)    By reciting the book of Allah

3.)    By Learning the Sunnah of the Prophet s.a.w

4.)    By applying the Sunnah

5.)    Praying extra

6.)    By Increasing our knowledge of deen all together


  Iman can decrease by:

1.)    By following our desires.

2.)    By letting our doubts get to us.

3.)    Listening to other sources other than the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet s.a.w.


If your content with your religion as Islam. If your content with Allah as your Lord. If your content with the Prophet s.a.w as your Prophet.  Then and only then will you taste the fruits of Iman—The Prophet s.a.w.]

 So what exactly do I want to do now…inspiration…lets see…some lectures. I’ve been looking into teaching a lot and the ways and thinking of all these philosophers. In my child development class we learn about all these men who came up with all these theories of how children develop and what happens to children if they are not given the tools to develop. Sigmund Freud/Erick Erikson and Piaget…which kind of reminds me of that the 21 teaching techniques of the Prophet s.a.w. by Muhammed Alshareef (on my to do list)


New Ipod…awesome.Must make dua that I don’t loose it again.

What I want on it…Muhammed  Jibreels recitation of 37.As-Safaat, 36.Ya-seen, 35.Fatir, 34.Saba, 33.Al-Ahzab===All for memorization purposes–by springs end..gotta have these done In sha’Allah. “Oh Allah make me of those who are firm in there memorization!”  Oh…also parts of Al-Imran and Baqarah!!! by Jibreel.

Review: the Hameems–thats 39. Zumer (not a hameem but just as hard), 40.Ghaafir, 41.Fussilat, 42.Ash-Shura, 43.Az-Zukhruf, 44. Ad-Dukhan, 45. Al-Jathiyah, 46. Al-Ahqaf–By Salaah Buqhatir!!!!




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