Blessed Month

Posted: September 25, 2007 in Uncategorized


So its the 12th day of Ramadan…Subhana’Allah! As it was mentioned the other night during Tarawah, the Sahabah use to ask Allah to accept their Ramadan from them for six months and then the following six months after that, they use to pray to Allah to grant them another Ramadan!

Indeed, this month is amazing! The changes one finds in the people is a sure sign that this month is blessed. Take for example, I ran into this sister at Iftar today who just recently decided to obeserve the hijab. As she explained “If I don’t do it now..I’ll never be able to do it ever nor will I be given another chance”. Subhana’Allah, and Allah guides whom who wills.

Oh Allah grant us many more Ramadans wherein by your will we will may be granted mercy and blessings upon us, our families, and of Ummat Muhammed.


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