The Muslim Character

Posted: September 7, 2007 in Lectures


Muhammed Alshareef:The Muslim Character

Umm Salimah r.a–when her son died–the way she told her husband and the way she dealt with it-she prepared a meal for him, fed him, and then spent the night together. She then told him, If someone has something and they lend it to someone and that person asks for that thing back..what should happen..Umm Salimah’s husband replied that thing should be returned to the rightful owner. Umm Salimah (Note the way she went about to teach him a lesson)

Allah has rights over his slaves. The prophet s.a.w has rights over us.. Your body has rights over you.

We wait for salvation, Allah subhana Wa Tala has sent us Prophets and books. The warnings keep coming again and again.

Our Adab with Allah Subhana –”whatever blessing you have you count it and it comes from Allah”

Everything we have–our bodies–the whole of it is from Allah (We’re they created from nothing or did they create themselves?) –nothing comes from nothing

The believer–to be patient during the hard times as well as good times–when hardship befalls them–is to understand these are tests from Allah–person will be either grateful or to be patient with what Allah has dealt them.

Suppose you had a beautiful car–you wreck it–the car belonged to Allah–(Ina Lillahi Wa Ina Illahi Rajoon) and Allah took it back.

Have you lived your life when no one is watching?

Time will come and all of us will be forgotten by others.

Your nothing but these moments your living.

Fa Ana Ma Tathuhaboon (Allah says, “where are you going?)

An act of accident–the airplane theory–followed by an explanation of the concept of creation–one is created..then again another is–there is a purpose.

The real test is when the person does right when they have the chance to do bad.

The real test is when your young and you do right–you fullfill your duties–praying five times, going for hajj, fasting in ramadan, ibadah because when you get old you may not be able to due that at all because of old age.

We shouldn’t get distracted from who our God is. (Ya Ayahal Insana Ma Qaraka birabikal Karim..) “Oh human beings who has swindled you from worshiping your Lord?”)

(Things that distract us from Allah –tv, incorrect scientific theories)

We should not lose hope in the mercy of Allah—When a person loses hope, their lost. (Allah says, “My mercy has spread to everyone)

Whenever you make the intention to do something good, rightious deed–never in your heart think that Allah will not accept it from you. Don’t ever think you’ll get punished for it.

No one should take Allah lightly though Allah is merciful, He is also severe in punishment. Whenever a person lives not honoring Allah who created them, due to associating partners , some people prostrate to their own mind–Idol, money, or to themselves. That reverence is to Allah.

(Man 3amal Salahaan Min thakiran Oh Untha Wa huwa Mumin, Falanuhanu Haytan Tayaba (Whoever does good, whether their male or female, and they’re a believer , then Indeed for sure, we’ll raise them in a goodly life—They’ll live a blessed life, and a happy life) –their happy and their constantly saying “Alhamdulilah”

Were programed to be thankful as muslims.

A person shouldn’t lose hope in the mercy of Allah–

(A person in college or some type of schooling–they have about 13 classes–and they skip about two days–and then you they get so behind and can’t make it–so they decide to call it quits and are thinking of doing something else–example– university students–they miss several classes and then they get behind and have a hard time making stuff up–so their already thinking of a way out and doing some other major—the tests at the university become too hard–and since the person is already on shaky ground and thinking of calling it quits–they cannot handle it because the tests are not set up for someone who is shaky–once you let it enter your mind that you can’t do it from the beginning–you’ve already failed–constantly–

once someone loses hope about the hearafter–they’ll fall deeper into sinning.

Allah’s love is not unconditional–Allah loves you when you return to Him and do good–if you do bad and draw farther away, Allah will not love you.

Why did Allah create dogs? (Allah says “There is nothing He created that doesn’t send tasbih and praise to Allah), the dog is righteous.

When a person choices the wrong path, they shouldn’t think Allah loves them. Human nature, will make mistakes but we must return.

As you grow in your knowledge you grow in your strength and Iman.

Our character with the Prophet s.a.w.

We should know about him and learn his seerah.

1.) We should pray for him ( Inallaha Wa Malakitahu Yusullan 3alani Nabiya Ya Ayallathin Amun Sallah 3ali Yusabihu Tasleema)–from the beginning of the Qutbah. Allah commands you–Allah begins by commanding with his name, the angles, and the believers–Oh you Oh believe–Allah and his angles send his blessings upon the Prophet s.a.w.

Make dua for the Prophet s.a.w.

Say whenever–in your car–wherever–say Allahamu Ma Salee 3ala Muhammedin Wa 3ala Allahi Muahmmed, Kama Salata 3ala Ibraheema Wa 3ala Alihee Ibraheema Inaka Hamidun Majeed.

Whenever someone prays for the Prophet s.a.w. Allah prays for them ten times and happiness comes to the person right there and then.–Allah prays for them–sends blessings to that person. Happiness–is immediately felt.

2.) We have to obey the Prophet s.a.w. and follow in his footsteps.

3.) We have to love the Prophet s.a.w.

We shouldn’t be sowing the seeds of hellfire while hoping for the seeds of paradise.

Surah–Al-Asr (By time–Allah swears by time–mankind is at lose)

(By default–you’re a loser–you walk in to a class–your automatically a loser–if you do nothing–except if you work for it–just because you paid money to sit in the class doesn’t mean anything

Allah says==(Except those who believe, do righteous deeds, who live righteous lives, who call others to do good and to be patient.)

A person should ask themselves—at the end of the day –a person should ask themself–did what I did pleasing to Allah?

Omar’s ring—death is in itself a warning–if you thought of doing something bad, the reminder of death should be enough to stop you.

About–bringing oneself to account–the media and our society teaches as to mock and belittle others–the comedians are those who are the best at making fun of others–growing up–the children–the ones who had the sharpest tongues and could make fun of others—we’re the cool kids–those caused people to place the wrong people in wrong positions as leaders–caused others to leave the masjids–our role should be to stop this- When a person starts to belittle a person–and say stuff like oh you didn’t do this…oh you didn’t get married yet…we should tell the person, stop and hold your tongue.

Islam teaches us how to deal with our parents, our spouses, our children, our siblings, our neighbors, and even non-muslims.


Reminder to self:

dugsi stuff:

Unprepared teacher

boring–no hands on

no exams, no assignments


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