Quran Memorization TIPS

Posted: August 29, 2007 in Lectures

Tips on Memorizing Qur’an–by Muhammed Alshareef.

Please tread carefully–their only my sloppy notes–

The lecture can be found here===http://www.halaltube.com/muhammad-alshareef/audio/written-in-stone-tips-on-memorizing-the-quran====

Set in Stone:

Musaylimah Ibn Kathab–Abu Bakr r.a. Al-Yamaymah–(slogan Ya Ashabat-Suratul Baqarah) 3ikramah–Khalid Ibn Waleed–pushed back—Amr Ibn Yasir–Qatib of the muslimeen. (Ya Hamalatul Quran–those who memorize quran–let them step forward) meaning if you hadn’t memorized you had to step back. Muslims were victorious –they understood discipline—they were killed shaheed–Abu Bakr r.a–after this battle decided to compile the Quran.

A person hasn’t understood the benefits of memorizing the Qur’an>

1.) Hifz school kid–hafizul Qur’an kid

2.) Play station kid–kid who doesn’t study much

This child may get good marks–pharoan was given wealth–

Someone who learns the Qur’an–a Sign Allah loves them. (He gives them understanding of the deen)

When someone leaves a quran program–sad–Allah hasn’t chosen them. Wasn’t chosen at that time.

The buzzing–folks busy with stuff that in itself wasting their life.

A person who memorized the Qur’an–demeanor–a light! About the person who memorizes.

These gifts–they come with conditions–has to come with Taqwah–”Place the fear of Allah in your heart and Allah will teach you”

Sinning–the knowledge is taken away–Abu Haneefa–only a few people understand this.

Statistics with those who have memorized it:

1.) The hafeez of the Qur’an has blessed parents and encouraging parents. (The parent–and the kids are both in the Quran program)

2.) They had parents who prayed qiyamul layl–who made dua for all of them–overall parents who pushed them forward.

3.)Scotch tape mushaf–grandmother mushaf–she left behind a mushaf–that would In sha’Allah testify for her. (You have a mushaf that is yours, that has become thick due to you reciting from it..used and re-used?)

The disease–excuites!

I won’t to memorize Qur’an but….

Tell the person “stop”

First excuse–is not the truth—

You don’t want to memorize–excuse–it’s a hurdle–jump higher—successful don’t let excuse take them away from being successful.

Your in a hafiz program and you want to know how to take your memorization up a notch:


*Don’t make excuses–work as hard as you did from beginning to end.

1.) Register in a program! Have to have a teacher—if you memorize on your own–you make tons of mistakes–your tricking yourself if your memorizing alone! (It has to be someone you respect and fear)

2.) Stay focused–no distractions–the tv–it’s a distraction–take it away!

3.) Memorize through audio—listen to recitation–loud–awesome way of memorizing–read loud–the louder you read the easier it is to memorize.

4.) Location of the Mushaf–hold it up–forward–thats what a good memorizer does.

5.) Eat well–nutritious food–brain foods–almonds

The Prophet s.a.w.–a person who memorized the quran well come on the day of judgment and they will be told climb–climb–in rank up to paradise depending on how much you’ve memorized.


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