The Drive

Posted: August 23, 2007 in Ahh moments


 Every morning we wake up and we have a chance to do anything and everything, bithnillah. I wondered, in the middle of an orientation week what drives people to wake up every morning to go through the same routine, and how and what exactly is the drive, and how much of it is for the akhirah. Subhana’Allah.

While driving to orientation I found myself raidoless–no tape player to listen to Quran. This I tell you totally got to me….ahhh, I thought if I didn’t  have Quran to listen to during the hours I drive from work to back I would lose my mind. For a couple of days while driving I felt this feeling in my heart…that something was missing, man I can totally feel it the days I don’t get to listen to it. So, Alhamdulilah after a couple of days of driving without listening to anything I found myself alone in my car only with the sound of my recitation to keep me company. Yeah, I thought if I can’t hear any recitation I’ll have to subsitute for my own. Review is great Masha’Allah. And the awesome thing is time flies by fast while driving.

Indeed, time passes by fast. Its interesting how time never changes..same 24 hours, same 7 days a week, etc. but its us who change. Ramadan is near by and I must say how many changes I’ve made since then and now. They say after you make hajj though you can’t really know whethe your hajj was accepted or not but an indication of whether it has been accepted to some extent would be upon returning home and whatnot if you’ve made changes in your life….if your life has been altered through an increase in Iman and striving in the way of Allah. This concept I think may be applied to what happens to the individual after Ramadan and of whether ones duas were accepted after Ramadan or not. Last Ramadan….man oh man…Alhamdulilah, It was an interesting Ramadan or more so a more interesting iftar times. I found myself, a freshmen in college juggling work in the morning and classes in the evening. Wallahi, it was one of the most interesting and somewhat difficult Ramadans…Alhamdulilah though I’d have to say through it all I made some of the most important changes in my life during the Ramadan and Eid time period. May Allah , the most High, make this Ramadan a blessed one for All!


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