Moral Values in Islam: Part 1

Posted: August 11, 2007 in Lectures


Moral Values in Islam: By Shaykh Waleed Basyouni 43:42

The scholars talk about manners while talking about Aqeedah, thats how important it is.

The signs about Ahlalu Sunnah Wal Jammah.

They order themselves and others to have patience when hardship .

Thankful to Allah in Ni3ma.

To be satisfied what Allah has done to them and given them.

Order people good qualities..good manners and forbidding evil.

Hasam Hajars book: Halal and Haram

He mentions–fifth thing: Good manners: Scholars mentions good manners whilst talking about Aqeedah and Fiqh.

The books of sunnah…Sunin Dawood, Tirmidi, Buqhari–all contain a section on adab.

Your witness of your deen and belief–through your manners.

Allah says in the Qur’an for us to not say “ooof ” to our parents.

Lower down your wings for your parents—

Ibraheem waited 80 years for a son..Allah ordered him to place his son and wife there. .Mecca didn’t use to be road not in the way of caravan–nobody there–no water and no food. Ibraheem a.s. said to her without looking at her that Allah ordered them to leave them, and she said then Allah will take care of us. Allah then said kill your son in a dream—Ismael said Ya Abiti–do whatever you want–do what you have been ordered. He obeyed his father.

AlHakim narrated:

The Prophet s.a.w. entered the Jannah–and heard someone reciting the Qur’an. He was told this is Harithul AbdulNu3man. The Prophet s.a.w. said—this is the kind—he was soo kind to his mother and this is his reward. Aisha r.a.

Said these people the kindest to their mothers: Uthman bin Affan r.a.—after he became a muslim he never looked at his mother in the face out of respect for her… and Harithul AbdulNu3man–he never asked his mother what she said again…even if he didn’t understand what she said he would ask the people after she left–he would just say yes!

Abu Hurayrah was so kind to his mother–he called her to Islam–one day she spoke badly about the Prophet s.a.w. and he started to cry–then he told he s.a.w. what she said and the Prophet s.a.w. made dua for his mother and him. He came home and saw his mother wearing her hijaab and explained how she wanted to take the shahaadah. Abu Hurayrah went back to the Prophet s.a.w. crying again out of sheer happiness.

Abu Huraryah lived in a house beside his mother and he would come over and would say “Assalama ‘Alaykum my mother, may Allah have mercy upon you, and you raised me while I was little) she will reply “Wa’Alaykuma Salam ..while you have been kind to me while in my old age.

Abu Huraryah offered hajj after his mother died because he didn’t want to leave her

Abu Haneefa r.a.—he was great to his mother–he use to carry his mother everywhere. Every night he use to istagfar for his shaykh and his mother–and he use to give sadaaq to his mother.

Abu Haneefa r.a. mother would ask his him to find out a ruling on something from a diff. Shaykh–Abu Darr and he would take the time to find out the ruling for him and he didn’t say I don’t have the time.

Imam Ahmed–worried about his mother when he was in jail upon hitting his mother and leaving a mark on his head–he began to cry and said I am crying because when my mother sees this she’ll become distressed and cry and I am just worried about her.

Hawla Ibn Shurah—he use to teach his students and his mother would come to him and to go feed the chickens–He would leave the class and feed the chickens.

Al Fadul Ibn Yahya––one of the great scholars–he was in jail with his father and he wanted to warm water for his father for it was cold and his father was old—He would take a container and take a small ball and take the water in the ball in put it near the candle–little by little–all night he would do this till his father woke up fajr and found warm water.

Muhammed mukathir–said my brother he use to spend with Qiyamul Layl–and as for me I spent the nights massaging my mothers feet—and he said Wallahi my nights were better than his nights.

Tulq Ibn Habeeb–he use to kiss his mother’s head every single time he saw her–and he never went on the roof while his mother was in the house–he said I feel shame I would be above her.

Mus3ad ibn kathar–his mother was so old and she use to carry a woal–and he use to carry her and bring her woal to the Masjid and then leave his class and then take her back.

If your parents are alive that means you still have two gates of Jannah to enter from–


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